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Friday, February 4, 2011

Shavuot is not as high as simcha tora and neither are as high as the Petek!

If your Jewish Neshama is boored it's because you haven't found the truth. Kids like to play, because they are trying to find out about reality-- adults usually have given up, get boored and fall asleep! Not so Rabbenu.

Shavuot is coming out of egypt- the 7 light Menorah (parasha True-ma?) - if it's true you are ready to pay right? the Noun is given by G-d after 7 x 7 days-- but it is only a "makif" and we call it Shavuot (stay away from women! until the Tzaddik noun 50 saves the day). That was Moses- but with Rabbi Nachman there is better!

Simcha Torah- the 8 light Hannukkia where every day you are purified by the Tikkun Ha Klali! You can therefore say Hallel shalem each day of your life like if it was Hannukka. Why the eigth- because the kippa that makes you look like the eight light of Hannukka "zot hannuka" represents the word shem-N (name N/50) and Shmo-Na Na8 which is why now there is SIMCHA and Torah before that Torah was only a "makif". You are "mosmach MOSHIA" like the cohen gadol! Going back to the first paragraph, your Jewish neshama starts to breath for the first time since it left the garden of Eden! This is Na Nach...or Rabbenu's Rosh Hashana compleated on the eigth day he is revealed higher then Moses and the Exodus from Egypt.

The Petek is higher then all the above...., why?

17 = good
51 words, 3 mentions of the 17 = 51, (10 lines + word of 7 letters)+ 7 x 10 (size of petek) + the nature of the Petek or signature from the 1st Petek (lower right corner) the author of this part of the Petek "Go0d". We saw that the level of 50 has now been reached without G-d having to bring it down... but now G-d gives us a special gift to make us only good RAK TOV, the opposite of the generation of the flood. In Jewish tradition a triple repetition is a CHAZAKA (a proof)- here we have 9 x 17 or a proof within a proof. Since we have reached the 50th gate he is indulging us through the Petek to enter the 51'st and to be ONLY GOOD and that is what baffled Moses...rasha ve tov lo (bad person and it is good for him). It is good for him because the greatest doctor in history on Rosh Hashana brings him to the ultimate Simcha Torah or 50th gate from where G0od drags him up the the 51st gate as promised in the Petek.

How can a Jewish neshama not notice such an opportunity?

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