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Friday, February 25, 2011

New Givald Nanach Music!

Baruch H"Y, Yishtabach Shimo Lu-ad, for giving me another 14 hard core NaNach songs complete with music - by Lazer Starch, now available to you for free at the music site, in the first folder in my folder "simcha nachman". B"H a bunch of them are in Yiddish for all the tuna bagels and the yiddishe heimeshe yuppullach and what not, and for all of us who get a kick out of singing in Yiddish, the language which Rabbainu spoke and sounds so comical when people like me try to get into the Yiddishe shprach groove.

Here's one of the songs (this one's in Hebrew and at the end of the post I have the translation):

The words in English are: Rabbainu (our master Rabbi Nachman of Breslov) is the Father, Rabbainu is the Mother, Rabbainu is Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman! Nurse us, Cultivate us, Raise us, with (or in) the light of Rabbainu.

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