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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Likutey Tfilot 145 (succot/simcha tora)

It seems that without a good sukka, we hurt the unfortunate animals by feeding ourselves at their expense. It takes a good sukka to be "zoche" a good "simcha tora". Here "shavuot" is mentioned and the exodus from Egypt, but they depend on the latter for many reasons the easiest being: why come out of Egypt if not to build a house in Israel? Why build a house in Israel if not to study tora and have shabbas guests? Why build a house if you can rent one? To answer that least question you should look at Rabbi Natan's prayer.

A sukka without ushpizin is just NOT a sukka, Rabbi Natan invited all 6000 tzaddikkim from Adam ha Rishon til himself--(probably also those that come after, but he didn't want to cause a shock! or maybe they are all "gilgulim" of the first set.

What does a sukka have to do with the 7 b(u)tlers (aids)? 7 Ushpizin! In what order? 1 Avraham, 2 Israac, 3 Jacob, 4 Moshe, 5 Ahron, 6 JOSEF????, 7 King David. Shouldn't Josef come BEFORE Moshe and Ahron BEFORE Moshe?

Solution 1:

Moshe = Na Nach and the Na Nach Brothers
Ahron = Rabbi Natan and the Breslev Brothers
Josef= Rabbi Nachman and his precious "bones"
King David= King Moshiach the DVD!

Solution 2:

Please send it in!

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The villager said...

Obviously neither G-d nor the Tzaddikkim want us eating at the expense of animals!