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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

chazak chazak ve titchazek

No mistaking the middle word of the petek: Chazak (strong), that's what we say when we FINISH studying one of the 5 books of Moses "chazak, chazak ve titchazek"

Well the petek has 3 x the number 17 written in it's 51 words (pzpzyk is #52) that represents three times "Good" of tov, tov, tov

Another set of three in the petek is Avoda (work) it is not only the single word in the middle (6th) line out of 11 lines, it also appears in the first 5 lines and in the last five lines (the three sections of the petek). Avoda, avoda avoda!

What do I learn from these 9 words, which are a "chazaka"?

Who is strong?

The one who's "strong" in his "work" to see the "good" in every aspect of creation (ki tov).

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