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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chatotam or Chotatam?

Names 32/32 is the famous line "Im tissa..." if you will lift...The chapter is called "Ki tissa..." because you will lift. Strange? Not for a Nanach! What is Chatotam is it Chet (sin) is it Chet (#8) or is it Chotem (signature)? Answer, all three! We learn that the sin becomes the 8th light of the menorah and the Rasha becomes Kadosh... the light emanating from the face (7) of Moshe at the end of the Parasha can be mached to the light emanating from the house where he was born, and the light eminating from the temple, but step by step... Moses said "if you lift their signature (na nach nachma nachman meuman) , and if not, please erase me from the book you wrote" So Moses is the Messiah that reveals the song Na Nach!

Before I get to the written parts, I'll start by the "female" parts, incense, sacrifices etc...

Saba liked to speak about Rabbi Nachman's messanger who gets to the door handle and the women who couldn't give birth immediatly gives birth!

Many tried this on a practical level.. ha ha. In the Song of Songs the woman prepares the mar dror (Mr freedom) incense dripping from her and she gets to the door handle to open for her lover (the Moshiah) but he is gone and she repents and almost dies in the process. The word for anointing oil is Shemen ha Moshiah Shem (name) N (50) (in Hebrew N is 40 or M - see written part below). The nation repents in the future and accepts the name, but the Moshiah is gone- the solution becomes the rebuilding of the Garden of Eden to lure him back.

Now, the "male" parts, numbers, letters and words (in all languages)...


From one side Rabbi Nachman writes from Meod til the last word Meuman and from the other side G-d writes from Metaneh til Ovazeh. The whole G-d to man and man to G-d interaction is frozen for ever on a piece of paper. They meet at Meuman.

Notice that the M's are written throughout at Noun Vav or Nou in (we in Hebrew). Also Kav le kav means from line to line and between two Vavs it is like between two lines.

Ki-tissa et rosh bnei Israel le pekoudehem venatanou ish coffer... amoungst many revelations the word Natan as head of Israel is found between two lines-- the same is true of Uman . Written as described above, Noun Vav Tete Vav Noun Vav Noun sofit (meuman)
The head appears in the middle (tete- French) Rabbi Natan wrote all the basic original Breslev litterature with the exception of this letter bearing this signature.
Noun Vav prounounced "nou" means like in French and Hebrew "we" or in English "new" or Yiddish "now" a long noun represents "King" (Kabbalah). The signature reads:

na nach nach(us) nach(us)(king) (1) we are head (tet) and we are king. Jehoshua ben noun (between the nouns) never left the tent (alwayse sang na nach-ha ha)--- look at it and understand that the chaverim are elevated and lifted closer to G-d then the Tzaddik Na Nach, because we are Na Nach and we are the Kingship, but the true uplifted head (of the na nachs) is Rabbi Natan, those of us who really study the books in addition to doing hafatsa. {anachnou- A/ NACH/ NOUS or G-d/the tzaddik/us}

What does the 1/2 shekel have to do with this? Rabbi Nathan explains the way both the rich and the poor are purified by this trouma. I understand in it the explanation why Moses spent 40 days to purify the rich while the nation had to spend 40 years to purify the poor. These are the two broken Mms (round chocolates- how appropriate) The golden calf people felt they were better then the Moses, while the spies felt they were less the the dwellers of Canaan.
Rabbi Natan explains that the half a shekel means a Jewish man is an entity unto himself wether rich or poor. Obviously melting the golden earrings of women and children into one mass eradicates individuality and freedom. G-d wants a nation of free thinking respectful individuals who have an unshakable belief in the King of the heavenly host. Nou or US! means we (OUI (fr)) and this is what every M in the Petek is changed into. The 40s are all destroyed , meaning that no more climbing on mount Sinai or wandering in the desert (or in gallous)- We have become ONE unit of free thinking individuals. {anach without the nou(s)/ anach= G-d and Tzaddik (only spiritual) is the half shekel that is not required}

BECAUSE (KI-tissa) the head is lifted, (pakad pakadeti), Moses will be able to sing Na Nach (IM-tissa)! and the tora will not dissapear.

I am afraid it is important to try to bring Rabbi Nachman to Israel ASAP--- even if some believe with good reason that he made it on his own. If we had a concensus on this, he would be here already, his condition... that we rest from work on Shabbas (it's in the parasha). "OT" is what you have between the two broken Mms in meuman (ot hi beni ou benechem..)

Shavua tov


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They do meet at meuman, for when man is a meuman, a baal emunah, he went to uman and came back an uman - craftsman - one who has enough emunah for "creativity in deep waters, sham-mayim" - then he can be called ADAM (adam, david, And the moshiach sparks) and say "the whole world was created for ME confidently. "emunah ze kol ha-ADAM." Thats how Avraham (haya yachid), was able able to walk in the FIRE (fires of idolatry, andger, other people's judgement, self judgement) and yes even pshat physical fire, for he was so only into appreciating Hashem's chessed, doing chesed, then "chessed yesoveveinu" he is only surrounded by chesed (mida keneged midda), one who walks yachid with Hashem, walks with emunah, does not even stop to think-oh does this hurt? He just appreciates what Hashem is doing for him moment for moment, and appreciates/absorbes the fire. Avraham did not walk in fire, AVRAHAM walked in deep waters creatively ("my children, my children they have beaten me", "loh bashomayim hee"). We CAN imagine how much more emunah (bitachon?) Avraham had after this firewalk nisayon- but it really takes 10 emunah tests to solidify the bitachon. All chiddushim must be typed with emunah, disrespecting Amalek-Safek - who is almost gone from the world. Haikar vHaKlall zu lo lefakhed kelallll.

And if you do - there is tiikun kelallli and was going to Uman for mini-nisyonot-enough to mekhazek emunah for the year at least, but... B'H this will have been or is the last Uman R'H, you all know what I mean. Lets us not be mokhel on the safek/amalex boxes others put us in anymore. All we have is Hashem, ein od milvado. For Kuuvoyyd HaToyrooohhhh!

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