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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Az Yashir Moshe

Az is past tense-- as in "once upon a time.."

Yashir is future -- as in "he will sing..."

How can you explain "once upon a time, he will sing..."?


If you RAISE your SIGNATURE and if you don't please excuse me from the book YOU wrote. (32/32 Names)

As the Brits would say: "I beg your pardon, but it will not be MY book!"

Moses only accepts to be called the author of the tora IF AND ONLY IF, G-d formally swears to raise his signature (NA NACH) ....

otherwise we cannot call it "Tora Moshe" but must call it "Tora Hashem" which is not the will of G-d!

Therefore Moshe Rabbenu is still waiting for the opportunity to sing as he once did before. The chet will become Simchat Torah or Shushan Purim and the oil and the houses will be purified be simcha and be shem-cha (same hebrew letters).


If you have trouble understanding this, pray, then try again.

If you still can't, then use your feet, go to Saba, then you will surely understand.

If you still cannot understand, then go to Ebay Ha Nachal for Shabbas.

If you still cannot understand, then be patient, the klipa will fall off one day and you will be free, but this takes alot of patience so Hashem will certainly reward you for being willing to wait so long--- you certainly won't need to wait til the day when the klipa falls!

BUT... you will get an idea of the "suffering" of Moshe Rabbenu who knows so much, and has to wait for us to catch up to him by singing Nanach, like he hasn't stopped doing since he left us (as opposed to Korach who still doesn't get it?). He will then, finally be able be willing to agree that the book is his. (and collect his "copyrights")

If you love Moshe, then read over this again, maybe he still needs our "help", what an opportunity to do a mitsvah for our leader.


Unknown said...

Truth (where the words point).

Az Moshe will shir his song out of the 'Land of Oz' (az), pick up his alice out of 'wonderland' (land of eyes - Klipa - S'M - Who "looks like all eyes when he comes for you"), and rejoin the rest of humanity in Gan Eden

Writen From the other side of the Martix, Los Angeles (Land of Los Angels) California (Klipafornia), where the Area Code here is 310 - Gematriyah Keri - Mikre.

Na Nach!!!

Unknown said...

(Ilan-ach), written from another google account of mine..

Unknown said...

Shamayim. With Emuna: I open and post: Ta Chaze!

Yes, you posted this at 3:01 your time, and I got it in the 310 area code..

Time 301 - Space 310
If only I could get sucked in through the phone like in the matrix movie to your time and place..

I understand.. And the 'phone' is my heart, our collective sub-conscience Neshama..Shammayim.. Working on it..

Lets Unify Space and Time.. Kudsha Brikh Hu w/ Schintehy..

I am very indebted to those who do hisbodedus properly.. now just have to raise MYSELF, from the "dead"..

Unknown said...

Theres no place like home...