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Sunday, February 27, 2011

More Nanach Art

Nanach Art

No Stringencies

It is well known that Rabbainu warned against having stringencies "chumroas", and testified on himself that he had no stringencies. Just now I found quoted from the introduction from Chovas Halivuvos (which Rabbainu and other tzadikim warned against learning the first part of this holy book) "from the quality of being careful, is not to be overly careful" - see the actual quote in Hebrew at our Hebrew

Friday, February 25, 2011

Prophecy is There (sham - mayim) for the taking.

How does a prophet SEE PROPHECY? His YEYSH compresses as small as physically possible. When HIS CHOKHMAS arent present, the chochmas elyonos are.. they just come and fill in the blanks his humility leaves.

Try it some time, v-al tifakhed kelal.
Emunah ze KOL ha Adam.
If you dont trust your middos, you arent ready YET.

B"H amazing news about bringing the Holy Tomb of Rabbainu to the Holy Land

Yesterday I met Sharon T. at Saba's Holy Tomb and he told me that there was a meeting scheduled that day in which two ministers, the Minister of Transportation (who supposedly greeted the travelers to Uman last Rosh Hashana with promises that next year they won't have to leave E"Y) and another minister who is a liason of some sort, both were to have proposed (yesterday) to have Rabbainu's holy tomb brought up to the Holy Land. Anyone who would like to find out more can call Sharon T. at: 052 711 1171.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


New Givald Nanach Music!

Baruch H"Y, Yishtabach Shimo Lu-ad, for giving me another 14 hard core NaNach songs complete with music - by Lazer Starch, now available to you for free at the music site, in the first folder in my folder "simcha nachman". B"H a bunch of them are in Yiddish for all the tuna bagels and the yiddishe heimeshe yuppullach and what not, and for all of us who get a kick out of singing in Yiddish, the language which Rabbainu spoke and sounds so comical when people like me try to get into the Yiddishe shprach groove.

Here's one of the songs (this one's in Hebrew and at the end of the post I have the translation):

The words in English are: Rabbainu (our master Rabbi Nachman of Breslov) is the Father, Rabbainu is the Mother, Rabbainu is Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman! Nurse us, Cultivate us, Raise us, with (or in) the light of Rabbainu.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Every tribe has it's responsability...and the tribe of

and the tribe of Juda has one responsability:


If we cannot decide who is leading us, then we certainly cannot offer the world this vital service.

The world has everything to succeed E X C E P T leadership, a service only Juda in Israel can provide... for this we have to UNITE inspite of AMALEK. The "mefoursamim" are the only obstacle left.

If I was able to write this here... it's a good sign.

Im tissa chotemcha ve im ayn na mechaneni na mesifreha acher ata katavta. MOSHE RABBENU says: If you don't make Rabbi Nachman's signature known (PETEK ONLY) then DO NOT associate me with the Tora, I refuse (I Moshe am NOT a mefoursam) and those are the words of Moshe - DA MOSHIACH (there is no other- those are his conditions for coming back)!

Tipat Likutei Halachos: Death = Desecration

ליקוטי הלכות: הלכות שבת, הלכה ז:יא

(Courtesy of Tikva Adler)

ושמרו בני ישראל את השבת - And Bnei Yisrael will keep the Shabbos (שמות לא:טז) - Even though the holiness of Shabbos is inherently permanent as determined by Hashem Yisborach, and there is nothing that can detract from its holiness in anyway, the Jews must accept the Shabbos and keep it, as it's written, "And Bnei Yisrael will keep the Shabbos, etc".  The holiness of Shabbos isn't drawn into the world except through the Jews as it's written, "And Hashem didn't give it to the nations of the lands etc."  The sages say in Bereshis Rabba that Shabbos approached The Holy One Blessed is He, and said, "You gave every [day] it's pair [and not me]! And Hashem responded to the Shabbos, "Knesses Yisrael is your pair." Therefore, the holiness of Shabbos depends on every single Jew.  Therefore, the act of saving a life defers Shabbos, because it's better to desecrate one Shabbos than to desecrate many Shabbosim.  When even one Jewish soul is removed from this world it is considered a desecration of Shabbos.  This desecration is an aspect of the removal and death of holiness as is noted in the words of Rabbeinu z"l, "When a single Jew, who is a part of knesses Yisrael, which is the pair of Shabbos, dies and is removed from the world, it is considered a desecration of Shabbos."  And, thus it's better to save a life and desecrate one Shabbos, than [have a Jew die and] desecrate many Shabbosim.

I gather that one of the reasons why the desecration continues is because there's no way a person can rectify the chilul Shabbos in the future, because, well...he's dead! Rabbeinu writes in רעז that the tikkun for desecrating Shabbos is through achila for the sake of Shabbos.  A dead person cannot eat during any forthcoming Shabbos, and therefore it can't be rectified atleast in this world.  But what about ochel ruchani? Could that rectify the desecration of Shabbos caused by a Jew's death?  And, who actually desecrates that particular Shabbos when the Jewish soul departs this world?  Is it the individual or all of Knesses Yisrael? 

Regardless, the beauty of Reb Nosson's words lies in the fact that he stresses how important it is that the Jews  recieve Shabbos.  If the Jews were to foresake Shabbos, she would not only have no pair, but her intrinsic holiness would be neglected and ignored completely, because "Hashem didn't give it to the other nations."  Shmiras Shabbos is solely up to the Jewish people, and kabbalas Shabbos depends on every single Jew. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nanach is the Emes

Tuesday, February 22, 2011



Az Yashir Moshe

Az is past tense-- as in "once upon a time.."

Yashir is future -- as in "he will sing..."

How can you explain "once upon a time, he will sing..."?


If you RAISE your SIGNATURE and if you don't please excuse me from the book YOU wrote. (32/32 Names)

As the Brits would say: "I beg your pardon, but it will not be MY book!"

Moses only accepts to be called the author of the tora IF AND ONLY IF, G-d formally swears to raise his signature (NA NACH) ....

otherwise we cannot call it "Tora Moshe" but must call it "Tora Hashem" which is not the will of G-d!

Therefore Moshe Rabbenu is still waiting for the opportunity to sing as he once did before. The chet will become Simchat Torah or Shushan Purim and the oil and the houses will be purified be simcha and be shem-cha (same hebrew letters).


If you have trouble understanding this, pray, then try again.

If you still can't, then use your feet, go to Saba, then you will surely understand.

If you still cannot understand, then go to Ebay Ha Nachal for Shabbas.

If you still cannot understand, then be patient, the klipa will fall off one day and you will be free, but this takes alot of patience so Hashem will certainly reward you for being willing to wait so long--- you certainly won't need to wait til the day when the klipa falls!

BUT... you will get an idea of the "suffering" of Moshe Rabbenu who knows so much, and has to wait for us to catch up to him by singing Nanach, like he hasn't stopped doing since he left us (as opposed to Korach who still doesn't get it?). He will then, finally be able be willing to agree that the book is his. (and collect his "copyrights")

If you love Moshe, then read over this again, maybe he still needs our "help", what an opportunity to do a mitsvah for our leader.


Chezi (G) has donated another $42 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.

chazak chazak ve titchazek

No mistaking the middle word of the petek: Chazak (strong), that's what we say when we FINISH studying one of the 5 books of Moses "chazak, chazak ve titchazek"

Well the petek has 3 x the number 17 written in it's 51 words (pzpzyk is #52) that represents three times "Good" of tov, tov, tov

Another set of three in the petek is Avoda (work) it is not only the single word in the middle (6th) line out of 11 lines, it also appears in the first 5 lines and in the last five lines (the three sections of the petek). Avoda, avoda avoda!

What do I learn from these 9 words, which are a "chazaka"?

Who is strong?

The one who's "strong" in his "work" to see the "good" in every aspect of creation (ki tov).

Entrance just for Nanach

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Help us with the spreading of Nanach on youtube lets get rid of all the sheker on youtube and make Nanach the thing everyones talking about on youtube! pics or videos everything helps!
If you dont know how to edit or make videos contact me and ill help.

Nanach opaaa

Gam Ani BaNa Nach =]

Nanach graffiti

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chatotam or Chotatam?

Names 32/32 is the famous line "Im tissa..." if you will lift...The chapter is called "Ki tissa..." because you will lift. Strange? Not for a Nanach! What is Chatotam is it Chet (sin) is it Chet (#8) or is it Chotem (signature)? Answer, all three! We learn that the sin becomes the 8th light of the menorah and the Rasha becomes Kadosh... the light emanating from the face (7) of Moshe at the end of the Parasha can be mached to the light emanating from the house where he was born, and the light eminating from the temple, but step by step... Moses said "if you lift their signature (na nach nachma nachman meuman) , and if not, please erase me from the book you wrote" So Moses is the Messiah that reveals the song Na Nach!

Before I get to the written parts, I'll start by the "female" parts, incense, sacrifices etc...

Saba liked to speak about Rabbi Nachman's messanger who gets to the door handle and the women who couldn't give birth immediatly gives birth!

Many tried this on a practical level.. ha ha. In the Song of Songs the woman prepares the mar dror (Mr freedom) incense dripping from her and she gets to the door handle to open for her lover (the Moshiah) but he is gone and she repents and almost dies in the process. The word for anointing oil is Shemen ha Moshiah Shem (name) N (50) (in Hebrew N is 40 or M - see written part below). The nation repents in the future and accepts the name, but the Moshiah is gone- the solution becomes the rebuilding of the Garden of Eden to lure him back.

Now, the "male" parts, numbers, letters and words (in all languages)...


From one side Rabbi Nachman writes from Meod til the last word Meuman and from the other side G-d writes from Metaneh til Ovazeh. The whole G-d to man and man to G-d interaction is frozen for ever on a piece of paper. They meet at Meuman.

Notice that the M's are written throughout at Noun Vav or Nou in (we in Hebrew). Also Kav le kav means from line to line and between two Vavs it is like between two lines.

Ki-tissa et rosh bnei Israel le pekoudehem venatanou ish coffer... amoungst many revelations the word Natan as head of Israel is found between two lines-- the same is true of Uman . Written as described above, Noun Vav Tete Vav Noun Vav Noun sofit (meuman)
The head appears in the middle (tete- French) Rabbi Natan wrote all the basic original Breslev litterature with the exception of this letter bearing this signature.
Noun Vav prounounced "nou" means like in French and Hebrew "we" or in English "new" or Yiddish "now" a long noun represents "King" (Kabbalah). The signature reads:

na nach nach(us) nach(us)(king) (1) we are head (tet) and we are king. Jehoshua ben noun (between the nouns) never left the tent (alwayse sang na nach-ha ha)--- look at it and understand that the chaverim are elevated and lifted closer to G-d then the Tzaddik Na Nach, because we are Na Nach and we are the Kingship, but the true uplifted head (of the na nachs) is Rabbi Natan, those of us who really study the books in addition to doing hafatsa. {anachnou- A/ NACH/ NOUS or G-d/the tzaddik/us}

What does the 1/2 shekel have to do with this? Rabbi Nathan explains the way both the rich and the poor are purified by this trouma. I understand in it the explanation why Moses spent 40 days to purify the rich while the nation had to spend 40 years to purify the poor. These are the two broken Mms (round chocolates- how appropriate) The golden calf people felt they were better then the Moses, while the spies felt they were less the the dwellers of Canaan.
Rabbi Natan explains that the half a shekel means a Jewish man is an entity unto himself wether rich or poor. Obviously melting the golden earrings of women and children into one mass eradicates individuality and freedom. G-d wants a nation of free thinking respectful individuals who have an unshakable belief in the King of the heavenly host. Nou or US! means we (OUI (fr)) and this is what every M in the Petek is changed into. The 40s are all destroyed , meaning that no more climbing on mount Sinai or wandering in the desert (or in gallous)- We have become ONE unit of free thinking individuals. {anach without the nou(s)/ anach= G-d and Tzaddik (only spiritual) is the half shekel that is not required}

BECAUSE (KI-tissa) the head is lifted, (pakad pakadeti), Moses will be able to sing Na Nach (IM-tissa)! and the tora will not dissapear.

I am afraid it is important to try to bring Rabbi Nachman to Israel ASAP--- even if some believe with good reason that he made it on his own. If we had a concensus on this, he would be here already, his condition... that we rest from work on Shabbas (it's in the parasha). "OT" is what you have between the two broken Mms in meuman (ot hi beni ou benechem..)

Shavua tov

A Non-Jew Writes About Na Nachs

Dear all,
I love Israel and I love the Na Nachs. I wrote about you here
I hope we can be in touch, you really inspire me :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Nanach graffiti


Ani Nachman Meuman!

Check it out in this weeks Tora portion, chapter 32 verse 32 (lamed
beis - heart) read from left to right and the acronym, also the word
michainee , adfing the mem and yud to make a nun - gives the
There's a lot more to be said but it's too difficult from this phone,
so just be happy and sing nanach!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Nanach graffiti

New Breslov Books Banner

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nanachs spreading joy to IDF Soldiers

Brazil Nanachs

This is a video that i posted on like a year ago maybe one of the brazilian Nanachs can translate this video to english for us?

na nach old city jam

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

All aboard the Hafatza train!

Nanach on american tv

Likutey Tfilot 145 (succot/simcha tora)

It seems that without a good sukka, we hurt the unfortunate animals by feeding ourselves at their expense. It takes a good sukka to be "zoche" a good "simcha tora". Here "shavuot" is mentioned and the exodus from Egypt, but they depend on the latter for many reasons the easiest being: why come out of Egypt if not to build a house in Israel? Why build a house in Israel if not to study tora and have shabbas guests? Why build a house if you can rent one? To answer that least question you should look at Rabbi Natan's prayer.

A sukka without ushpizin is just NOT a sukka, Rabbi Natan invited all 6000 tzaddikkim from Adam ha Rishon til himself--(probably also those that come after, but he didn't want to cause a shock! or maybe they are all "gilgulim" of the first set.

What does a sukka have to do with the 7 b(u)tlers (aids)? 7 Ushpizin! In what order? 1 Avraham, 2 Israac, 3 Jacob, 4 Moshe, 5 Ahron, 6 JOSEF????, 7 King David. Shouldn't Josef come BEFORE Moshe and Ahron BEFORE Moshe?

Solution 1:

Moshe = Na Nach and the Na Nach Brothers
Ahron = Rabbi Natan and the Breslev Brothers
Josef= Rabbi Nachman and his precious "bones"
King David= King Moshiach the DVD!

Solution 2:

Please send it in!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


A Holy Night In Breslov

Tonight is the Yartzeit of Holy Tzaddikim. Talmidei Rabbenu.

12 Adar –  R' Alter Tepliker HY"D, his real name was R' Moshe Yehoshua ben R' Asher Zelig Bezhilianski. Wrote ten sforim, including Hishtapchus Hanefesh, Meshivas Nefesh, Sichas Hanefesh, Ohr Zoreiach Hagada and Mei Hanachal (on Likutei Mohoran). He was murdered during the Cossak uprising in 1919 while seated next to a Sefer Torah.

12 Adar - R' Shmuel ben R' Yeshaya Halevi Horowitz (1972), first became interested in Breslov after reading Reb Alter Tepliker's Hishtapchus Hanefesh (whose yahrzeit is also today). Born in Eretz Yisrael. Went to Uman for Rosh Hashana for three years and spent three months in a Russian jail after being caught.

12 Adar – R' Boruch Berditchiver, Breslover tzadik

Zachusam Yagen Aleinu Amen!!!!

Just dance Nanach =]

Nanach graffiti

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Do everything to bring people close to THE TRUE TZADIK!

Song of Redemption

Tale of the Prayer Master (Intro)

1. A tale. Once there was a Prayer Master who was always involved only with prayers and songs and praises to Hashem Yitbarakh [the Blessed Creator]. And he dwelled outside of settled areas. And his schedule was: He would regularly go in to the settled areas. And he would enter in [to conversation] with some person. Typically he would converse with lowly people, such as poor people and so forth. And he would begin to talk with the people, [heart] to heart, regarding the purpose of the whole world. That in truth there is no purpose at all in the world, aside from serving God all the days of one’s life. And one should spend the years only with prayer to Hashem Yitbarakh, and with songs and praises to Hashem Yitbarakh etc. And he would speak very much with the people such words of awakening, until his words would enter in to someone’s heart. Until the person would be willing to join him. And as soon as the person agreed with him, he would immediately take him and bring him to his place, which he had outside the settled areas.

2. Because this Prayer Master had chosen himself a place outside the settled areas. And there was a river and trees, and fruits were also there. And they would eat from the fruits. And regarding clothes he was not stringent at all. And so was the schedule of the Prayer Master always. That he would go all around in the settled areas. And he would always speak with people that they should serve God in his manner, that they should only perform devotions to Hashem Yitbarakh; they should only be involved with prayers etc., and whoever listened to him, he would take him, and he would bring him to his place outside the settled areas, as mentioned. And there they would be involved only with prayers and songs and praises to Hashem Yitbarakh, and confessions and fasts and mortifications and repentance and the like, and the Master of Prater would give them his compendiums (i.e. books) that he had of prayers and songs and praises and confessions. And they would be involved with them constantly. Until he would find among his people that he brought there, such ones as were also able to bring people to Hashem Yitbarakh. He would sometimes give permission to one of his people, that he should also go in to the settled areas and should awaken people to the Almighty, that they should only perform devotions to Hashem Yitbarakh.

3. And the Prayer Master was always involved in this matter, and would each time attract his people, and would take them out from the settled areas, as mentioned. Until an impression was made in the world, and the thing began to be known. For suddenly people would escape from the country, and their whereabouts were unknown. Someone would lose a son, etc., and where they were was unknown, until it became known -- [that it is] because the Prayer Master would go and talk people into devotion to Hashem Yitbarakh. But it was impossible to recognize him and sieze him, because the Prayer Master would conduct himself with much wisdom, and would change himself with each person in a different way. With one person he would make himself appear as poor person, and with another, as a trader, etc. Also when he would come to talk to people, when he would see that he could not accomplish with him his intention, he would confuse him with much talk, until they did not understand at all his good intention, and as if it was not at all his intention, i.e. to draw them to Hashem Yitbarakh. Even though in truth his whole main intention in talking to people was only this, to draw them to Hashem Yitbarakh, for his whole intention was only this. Only when he understood that he could not influence him, he would turn him and bend him and deceive him, until he could not at all understand his good intention. And the Prayer Master would be involved in this thing until an impression and fame was made in the world, and they wanted to sieze him, but they could not, as mentioned...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nanach techno

Lift me up Nanach

Nanach graffiti

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nanach Snowman

Someone gave me the picture and asked me to post it.

Emergency World News Na Nach


WARNING the 1st couple of seconds in the beginning of this video shows a women who is not modestly dressed!!!!!!!!!!! To be more correct from the 3 second to the 9th second of this video after that its clean.

Sticker of Stickers

Siporim and Mishalim - New Book for Download

The new book, Stories and Parables of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov is now available for download .

Stories and Parables ( ספורים ומשלים ) - Stories and Parables of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

It includes the entire Siporay Masiyos as well as a number of other small stories from Rebbe Nachman's books.

To order call 050-679-7114
Only 6 Shekels for Mafitzim

Monday, February 7, 2011

Uniting the brothers...

Saba said we need to be together and he will be with us. What are his exact words? How do you interpret this? Isn't the search for the Tzaddik ha Emes the most important thing in a man's life? If so, he just told us the ONLY WAY TO FIND HIM is to be united. Since there is NOTHING more important the Devil wants you to waste your time on other pursuits!

Is the proof that we are successful that we bring Rabbi Nachman to Israel? Example:
If Moses ultimatly needed no help to bring Josef out of the Nile, why did he ask for help? If Moses needed no help from Am Israel to lead them out of Egypt- why did he ask them to follow him out (unsuccessfully) before being obligated to turn to Pharo?

If we don't need to think about finding the Tzaddik, and how to unite, why did G-d give us a brain? To memorize text? My computer has absolutely no brain and it memorizes text!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rebbe Nachman ben Feiga - New Book

New Hebrew book on

Rebbe Nachman ben Feiga (רבי נחמן בן פיגא סבא דסבין) - Greatness of Rebbe Nachman 

by Micha Nanach of Boro Park

Petek Hageulah - New Book

New Hebrew book on

Petek Hageulah - In-depth guide to the Letter from Heaven by Micha Nanach of Boro Park


Nanach Conquest

Prayed Shabbas Mincha today in Givat Shaul at some Bais Medrash along with Yisroel and Mayan. Mayan angrily pointed out how this Bais Medrash used to officially belong to the Breslov Chasidim in the past generation until it was taken over by litvaks and other chasidim. He spoke about his many plans for Nanach domination of the place to bring it back to the power of Rabbanue.

I told him should do Hakafos around the Bais Medrash to weaken the hold of the Klipa similar to the way Rebbe Avraham Abulafya did Hakafos around the Vatican. Mayan then picked up a book of Rebbe Nachman and while chanting the holy name Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman did seven Hakafos around the Bais Medrash.

Breslov Books Now Shipping to Germany

Shipping to Germany has now been enabled on the / site. B"H we will now be taking orders from the Germany as well.

May Rabbanues Sefarim wipe out all the nazis Yemach Shemam Vzichram

Friday, February 4, 2011

Na Nach =]

Spraypainting Initiation into Nanach

Tefilah to Move to Eretz Yisroel

Here is a prayer to help all those that yearn to move to Eretz Yisroel but have obstacles in the way.

Lord, Lord, compassionate and merciful G-d, who is patient and great in kindness and truth. In Your great mercy may I and all of Israel merit having strong yearnings and a true desire to come to the Land of Israel, until I merit in Your great mercy and kindness to actualize my desire and will, to go, travel, and come in peace to the Land of Israel speedily. For You know how deeply I need to, and must be in Land of Israel, the Holy Land, due to my great distance from You, my lowly state, the crookedness in my heart, and the confusion in my mind. For all of these reasons it is essential for me to be in the Land of Israel, as there is the foundation and source of the holy faith, and there is the root of all the holiness of Israel. It is the land that G-d chose for his chosen nation, it is the land which G-d's eyes are upon always, the land of true and eternal life, a land that is good and spacious, that You wanted and granted to our forefathers, a land in which is the city of our G-d, His holy mountain, the supernal vista, the joy of the entire world.

Please Lord, Merciful One full of mercy, Kind One full of kindness, Good One full of goodness, Righteous One full of righteousness, Redeemer full of redemptions, in Your good will, mercy and kindness give me as a gift to merit coming to the Land of Israel quickly, the Holy Land, the land that our forefathers inherited, the land to which all the true tzadikim longed and yearned to come. And most of them came there, and effected rectifications there, and merited what they did there, all through the holiness of the Land of Israel, which is the holiest point of the whole world. There our forefather Abraham strive and strained many days and years, and gazed and saw and understood, and investigated and carved through and measured and weighed and counted, until G-d revealed to him this holy land which is the foundation of holiness, the foundation of faith, and He promised to grant it to his descendants for all generations.

Therefore have mercy upon me for the sake of Your Name, and in the merit of our forefather Abraham, and in the merit of all the tzadikim who came there, and allow me as well, even in my extremely lowly state, to merit jumping over all of the obstacles and delays and opposition, which deny me from coming to Israel, to quickly break through all of them and come very speedily to the Holy Land of Israel. Please my Merciful Father, the One who has mercy, have mercy on a poor and pitiful soul like me, whose hands are spread out to You, requesting and pleading for charity and an entirely free gift. And even this I don’t request in true sincerity, due to the confusion in my mind, which is known before You, my Master full of mercy. Even so I await Your salvation and Your goodness and Your abundant kindness and Your great and wondrous righteousness.

Have mercy on me and bring me quickly to the Land of Israel, and give me a strong and courageous heart and mind to merit passing over all the obstacles and confusions including those only in the mind. And grant me money generously for all the expenses and needs of my journey. And may I merit traveling in peace and coming in peace to the Land of Israel, peace in my body, in my Torah and in my finances, peace with no harm. And save me from all evil thoughts and all blemishes. And may no harm reach me from anything in the world during this long journey, G-d forbid, not to my body, my soul or my money, neither physical nor spiritual, and I shall go in peace and arrive in peace. And may I merit doing all that I need to do in the Land of Israel, drawing close to You truthfully due to the holiness of the land, and achieving higher and greater levels of holiness and purity as is Your good will. Amen.

(Likutei Tefilot 84)


Shavuot is not as high as simcha tora and neither are as high as the Petek!

If your Jewish Neshama is boored it's because you haven't found the truth. Kids like to play, because they are trying to find out about reality-- adults usually have given up, get boored and fall asleep! Not so Rabbenu.

Shavuot is coming out of egypt- the 7 light Menorah (parasha True-ma?) - if it's true you are ready to pay right? the Noun is given by G-d after 7 x 7 days-- but it is only a "makif" and we call it Shavuot (stay away from women! until the Tzaddik noun 50 saves the day). That was Moses- but with Rabbi Nachman there is better!

Simcha Torah- the 8 light Hannukkia where every day you are purified by the Tikkun Ha Klali! You can therefore say Hallel shalem each day of your life like if it was Hannukka. Why the eigth- because the kippa that makes you look like the eight light of Hannukka "zot hannuka" represents the word shem-N (name N/50) and Shmo-Na Na8 which is why now there is SIMCHA and Torah before that Torah was only a "makif". You are "mosmach MOSHIA" like the cohen gadol! Going back to the first paragraph, your Jewish neshama starts to breath for the first time since it left the garden of Eden! This is Na Nach...or Rabbenu's Rosh Hashana compleated on the eigth day he is revealed higher then Moses and the Exodus from Egypt.

The Petek is higher then all the above...., why?

17 = good
51 words, 3 mentions of the 17 = 51, (10 lines + word of 7 letters)+ 7 x 10 (size of petek) + the nature of the Petek or signature from the 1st Petek (lower right corner) the author of this part of the Petek "Go0d". We saw that the level of 50 has now been reached without G-d having to bring it down... but now G-d gives us a special gift to make us only good RAK TOV, the opposite of the generation of the flood. In Jewish tradition a triple repetition is a CHAZAKA (a proof)- here we have 9 x 17 or a proof within a proof. Since we have reached the 50th gate he is indulging us through the Petek to enter the 51'st and to be ONLY GOOD and that is what baffled Moses...rasha ve tov lo (bad person and it is good for him). It is good for him because the greatest doctor in history on Rosh Hashana brings him to the ultimate Simcha Torah or 50th gate from where G0od drags him up the the 51st gate as promised in the Petek.

How can a Jewish neshama not notice such an opportunity?

Obama declares Nanach

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Biniyahu Ben Yihoyuda sporting a beautiful new NaNach

NaNach by Rabbi Akiva and Ramchal Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto

Be a NaNach

Rebbe Nachman filled his potential. He said you can be like me if you follow my words. So you too can fill your potential in this world.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Simcha Hochman - Rebbe Nachman & Rebbe Natan music video

The Height of NaNach Fashion

This video was posted on - "The 99 most popular celebrities in the world today"!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Will Gilgul Sheleg Nanach return in a Gilgul biGilgul Sheleg II

Some of you might remember two or three years ago the holy self sacrifice of the Gilgul Sheleg Nanach snowman, melting and taking away with him the severe cold of the winter in Toronto. Well now Toronto is undergoing a major snow in, the question is will Gilgul Sheleg Nanach reappear?

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tipat Likutei Halachos: What We'll Soon Be Learning In Yeshiva

ליקוטי הלכות: הלכות הפקר ונכנסי הגר, הלכה ד:לב

In the future there will be completely holy yeshivot that will teach the study of holy emunah, which is an aspect of "I will yet again make make you dwell in tents, as in the days of the appointed season" (Hoshea 12:10).  Rashi comments on this pasuk and says that the days of the appointed season refer to the days when Yaakov Avinu sat in the tent (his yeshiva).  And Yaakov's whole yeshiva that learned with his sons and students, just as our Rebbeim z"l have said, learned only about holy emunah.  This is because the mitzvot were not yet given, and the focus of their learning was on the point of holy emunah in order to nullify all of the idolatry and heretical teachings and to continue and to plant and to establish in everyone's heart a complete and holy emunah.

If they would have wrote Nanach on the Western Wall this wouldn't have happened

This is the link that I originally tried to post, don't know why it didn't show:

says there that someone put some other message up on the Wall.