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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Who is worth listning to for a Jewish Neshama ?

Imagine your soul was and is still attached to the "throne of glory". Who has truth so pure and fine that it merits your complete attention?

If you've been on this job for a few years, you will start realizing that many very talented, respected and kosher people, although they do alot of good and are right about alot of things- are very, very far from the perfection they are pretending to have. YOUR holy, holy neshama deserves better! This is why we have THE PETEK and EBAY HA NACHAL and SICHOT CHEL SABA and of course the works of Rabbenu (Nachman-Na Nach) and of Moshe (Rabbenu). The way the world functions is LOGICAL, but only those that have EMUNA can jump to a point where they can see the logic. The others are just learning JARGONS, there is also playground jargon which is no less sophisticated.

Do you believe that Eve is on a higher level than man because she came out afterwards? Many "fools" believe this. Look at nature how everything rises, then declines. The peak is NEVER at the end of a cycle. There is alwayse issour-hag for example. Ladies were taken from men and I think they are worth all the rest of creation (what came before man), but man is on another level all together! Ladies and Gentlemen what you just read is a chiddouch- it has not been said before, it represents a new direction in understanding creation according to Tora- the word will spread and grow and hopefully bring light and happiness to men and women and their pets and plants. What came after the woman if not the small infant? This child will grow and become a Tzaddik but hey he isn't even circumbcised yet!

I gave you this example to show how true emuna brings truth, without it what you have is Olam Ha Zeh, politics.

Your Neshama does not need to mix politics with truth, it knows who is King and who it wants to serve. Have mercy on it.

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