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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What really is dough?

What makes this night different from all other nights?

Don't go and tell me that tonight there is light...that was Hannukka.
"this" night it is night, but...

We ONLY eat matsa.

Adam ha rishon who represents bread is A GOY!
Josef ha Tzaddik that gave a unified religion (Egyptian) to the world is represented by wheat.
Rabbi Nachaman that kills the three components of the "stiff neck" of Egypt is best represented by flour as hinted in the gematria of Tora, flour and his name.

Finally, brothers/sisters, we get to the dough!

Dough is just what you think, it is the material from which baked goods and made, it is also English slang for Money/Cash
Cash in Hebrew is hay, and in French slang money is called wheat (ble).

The four Israeli banknotes are illustrated with the four people that made the book EBAY HA NACHAL (four--f l our? think of the 4 musketeers) This is to say that the Israeli Shekel is the dough! Far from burying it, EVERYONE WANTS IT.

One more step and we can change it into matsa or HvS it can bloat into oblivion!

It all depends on how the nation accepts Na Nach and nulolifies themselves to HIS will. I becomes HE ((also)I-talian becomes HE-brew)

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