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Saturday, January 8, 2011

What level did Am Israel reach in Egypt?

We jews had light so we could bury the 800 000 that died each day and see where the Gold was hidden. Problem is, nobody not one soul, had time to help Moses find Josef. Without Josef no one at all would be able to come out of Egypt- so there WAS de-facto a wall of magic preventing exiting Egypt.

What was the code word? Ale Shor! Why? The blessing of Jacob to the descendents of Josef (other then Efraim and Menashe)! Interpretation in Hebrew Ale SHOUR and English "the vines go ever the wall" Ale shour and ale shor are written the same way if you dont look at the points.

Learn from this that those helping to bring Rabbi Nachman to Israel are the ONLY ONES who believe in the gueoula and deserving to come out of Egypt. Furthermore, the 2 400 that died did so because not only did they NOT believe in the gueoula, but they just didn't WANT to leave.

In Egypt there was 100% NO EMOUNA, 80% of which did not even have any WILL to leave.

G-d heard the cry of this miserable mass of slaves and considered it the diamond of the coal mine. Only a tzaddik as humble as Moses could reach down to them.

May G-d speedily open our eyes so we can see the light he and the Tzaddik are dangueling before our eyes faithfully believing we will eventually see.

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The villager said...

Clarification, the code word.

Because Jacob had blessed the descendents of Josef this way, it was clear that the BULL WOULD RISE.
Josef is the "BULL" here and he "lifts" all the junk placed on him by the Egyptians to keep him under the murkey waters of the Nile.