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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Was, a magic wall preventing us from leaving Egypt?

Everyone, EVERYONE will say NO. Not I, begging your pardon. I also believe Saba would agree with me since he gave Sharon Tel Tzour the order to pull Rabbi Nachman out of Uman and to bury him as close as possible to Har Ha Bait.

There was in fact a "wall of Magic" preventing Am Israel from leaving Egypt and our neshamas attached as they are to the crown of glory, knew this well. Thus we refused Moses when he told us YKVK, this was logical, our neshamas knew the wall was still there, he could not take us out. Since we did not accept Moshe, plan B or the destruction of Egypt was put into effect (see my earlier blog).

The wall of Magic turned out to be Yam Sof or (the sea of reeds), there was no crossing it without Josef or the Tzaddik ha Dor in our case Rabbi Nachman.

The nation without it's head is like feet without a body. If you want to find your head do what the SIMPLETON (stories of Rabbi Nachman) did, pour your words out, if you can't do that, go on marches (dances) and pilgrimages until you break down your heavy, stony hearts because words of holy devotion, faith (trust) and joy, to the stony heart are like hammers.

Even if you can enter the "I am alive" condition. You cannot pull your surroundings out of our current "Galous" (emprisonnment) until Rabbi Na Nach can bring his bones to Jerusalem (Rabbi Nachman of Breslev is one and the same as Rabbi Israel- therefore he is bringing his own bones).

Conclusion: There was and there is a Wall Of Magic preventing the Geula. If we want to avoid a new destruction of Egypt and human suffering on all sides if and when asked we need to do everything to help Moshe with the task of finding Josef without him, there wouldn't even be two survivors!

I believe it is very important for mafitsim to understand this truth, because thoughts even without words are like prayers and we need alot of prayers to give Am Israel its head back. Only the mafitsim are in the state of private gueula, and they are being attacked viciously. "AM echad" was only possible because Haman as a catalyst turned Esther into the "head" (but she was actually the wife of the true head, not the head himself). We accepted the fast because there was no "wall of magic". Today there IS a wall of magic and your prayers can bring it down! With Rabbi Nachman here the "wall of magic" will fall down (17of Tammuz), everyone will accept the "head" or "Moshe" and Plan A or "access to the tree of peace (life)" will be endorsed. No more plan B!

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