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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tipat Likutei Halachos: Sparks of Mashiach

ליקוטי הלכות - הלגכות השכמת הבוקר, הלכה א:ח

All the good points that can be found in every single Jew - these points are an aspect of the sparks of Mashiach.  This is such because the whole notion of goodness is Mashiach.  Furthermore, he is a notion of sustaining and building the world, the Bais Hamikdash, the korbanos, and the ketores (incense). 

It is said by Chazal that the Jew is like a microcosm.  Everything that exists in the world can be reflected back to every individual, and as such, every part of creation (ie. the sefiros) can be traced back to man.  If every single Jew has all of the items that Reb Nosson listed within him, then he must realize that his potential is so great and powerful that even he can uplift the shechinah and bring the final geula through his own merit.  Every Jew has this power!  

If only we could realize how much power we really have we could accomplish so so much.  It just takes a little emunah.

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Bin-go.. now, le maase!!!