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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This is the epicenter of a political earthquake

200 Nis is Zalman Shazar author of Ebay Ha Nachal about the true leader of Israel

100 Nis is Israk Ben Tzvi author of studies reported by Tsvi Misinai that prove that Palestinians are a biblical example of "moreno" Jews. In Spain half the Jews left to maintain their faith. Half remained as Morenoes. After the destruction of the second temple, a certain percentage considered important for the Jewish Nation were destroyed, others considered valuable as slaves were shipped into servitude, others too difficult to capture or of little economic value for other reasons were forced to hide their Jewish loyality. Those who survived and chose to remain Jewish in public were able to escape, those that did not want to give up their land became "Palestinian Morenos".

Palestinians are the other half of the nation of Israel and ARE NOT ARABS (look at the study for details)! However they have been persecuted for so long and their children have been brainwashed so much that they are in a very difficult position.

If someone forced you to give up your five year old for brainwashing what do you think would happen to him? Has this not happened to Jews in the past?
Since we were in "Guest" countries the persecutions were usually for political or for economic interests, and there were also times when the "Royality" wanted Jews to prosper. In both cases the "nations" had an interest in Jews remaining distinct from gentiles. In Israel, the "Palestinian-Israelis" were constantly prevented from being Jewish and were exploited to the point of destruction.

So when Saba says not to give one millimeter, he isn't talking about Palestinian-Jews, he is talking about Arabs! Palestinians have alot of Tora to learn from us and de-brainwashing, but having remained in the EYE of G-d or on the Holy Land for so long, be sure they have alot of important wisdome as well. Criticizim will also fly from both sides until the lessons are learned. The key to the solution is truth.

In diplomacy, some things cannot be said- but clearly bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem will be a key factor in uniting these two "brothers" and improving the Economic situation for this key strategic region.

Related Proposal (would cause an increase in the value of the shekel of benefit to both sides):

To please Saba the 50,- should be President Hertzog who made the verbal agreement with President Tchenkov (Ukrain) to bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem. He also studied the book Ebay Ha Nachal.

Possibly Saba could figure on the 20,- Nis after the re-burial of Rabbi Nachman.

Jerusalem stands to gain over 2 billion dollars in tourism per year after the first year of operation.


The villager said...

All this being said Amelekites need to be destroyed from their King to the last lamb!
G-d will do his share, so that none can hide.

Anonymous said...

mordechi i think you went nuts

The villager said...

Is President Ben Tsvi nuts also?

I think ALOT of people are nuts TODAY, but Israk Ben Tsvi was healthy. Maybe you need to read about his life and what he sacrificed for you to be living here.