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Thursday, January 13, 2011

This disproves Christianity

This disproves Christianity
The bible only states the actions of creation. These actions are coined by certain names like kel ykvk shkai…
The bible does not talk about god but actions; a name is a character relating to an action in creation. God has no name; he cannot be described by an action. It is beyond our understanding. Psalms 138, you are above all your names of your sayings (through his command through words was the world created)of creation.
Christians believe Jess is God, if you have a name than you cannot be God.
Sichot Haran 95


Anonymous said...

a simple, clever and plain explanation!NNNNM!:)

NaaNaach said...

who would even give them a second of serious contemplation, that they have to be proven wrong.

The only reason people pick false beliefs is to fuel their desires and lusts.

The only way to positively effect these poor lust and desire seekers is with Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

The villager said...

If you've really tasted the real thing, how can you go for the "lusts"? The love for the Tzaddik, the Tora and G-d is much much greater then the love for women!!!

It's like a heavy drug user trying to replace his habit with bubble yum.

Anonymous said...

Yes pundricisum is complete stupidity.

They are either using it to mask their lusts and have no real interest in the religion or else they are confused fools.

Anonymous said...

no love for women, no marriage, no Jewish family, no love for men, no spouses...let's live in isolation..Is that what we've been commanded to do? or u're tellin' me that it is ok to have children and abandon wife so the mitzvah is fufilled? No one lives in alone are prone to sin "and it is not good for men to be alone".Have u heard of a holy lust one has for his wife?