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Friday, January 14, 2011

Response to "This disproves Christianity"

Theres and easer way to disprove there belife...G-d clearly states in The Torah That He is NOT Man and does not come from man!! Also the Torah says if we do not keep the Mitzvahs we will be scatered across the earth and """Will worship gods we do not know""" Almost all Jews were put into Exile because the Jews who commited adultry and were to stubborn to belive in G-d and keep His mitzvahs witch became""christians"" notice they dont have or follow any kind of laws and theres a beliefs amogst most of them that there is 3 gods...i wish i had more time to answer the question just leave your questions in the comment box...but the answer that many people wonder about what is and were did the belife for more then One G-d come Avos it says that these beliefs came from angels witch every land every planet galaxy G-d put one angel over, every land has its own galaxy...ect so people though if they worship there galaxy and the angle
G-d put over there land they would have better weather...ect like i said i wish i had more time to explain just leave a comment.

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NaaNaach said...

Well put, and I also agree that there are more important things to spend our time on, like Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!