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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

rabbeinu in portugese

great small group of guys who are generational decendants from morranos in brasil get together and learn rabbeinu, and have a blog in portugese !!!
tons of teachings of rabbeinu and saba pictures all over...great stuff.
if u wanna check it out got portugese friends, here's the site

nanach !!!!!!!!!!


mohorzanav said...

interesting, looks lively.
does one get mitva of tzitzit when tallit is draped as scarf?

nothinbut100% said...

as far as i know the halacha, thats not the way to wear them, as a scarf.
in some way in shamaiim do u get a mitvah, i think Hashem probably likes it. but according to halacha, from what i know, its not the way to wear them.

Anonymous said...

Hello! We are studying the teachings of Rabbeinu in Brazil!

information: # Community? cmm = 106780968

official blog:

nothinbut100% said...

stay strong.
chazak v'ematz !
NNNNM !!!!

Anonymous said...

Good.Study and walk according to the Jewish Halacha.Do a proper conversion to Judaism.The anousim claim to be Jewish but not born of a Jewish mother and many have discovered a while ago this possible root dated from more than 400 years ago.Almost 100% are former xtians and need a proper Jewish education or just be Noahides and observe the laws of the land.But one thing they have to accept is to get rid of this Roman mentality being troubled by opening "Synagogues" everywhere,doing proselytism and just learning what they grab in Internet.No doubt Rabbi Nachman's teachings will help to find the way.NNNNM!

Anonymous said...

Our community is made up of Jews and also by anusim, baalei teshuvah! For us it is important spread NNNNM tikkun Olam.


Anonymous said...

As far as it can be done in spirit of the Breslov tradition of avoiding honor and fame.