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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Novelties MP3 and DVD so what?

Rabbi Nachman when to Lemberg and came back very excited, he could now create the Tikkoun Ha Klalli...

Lemberg is where the printing press was developped.

Rabbi Nachman understood that his unique holiness un-equaled in the history of man had something to do with this new invention from the "Cain-nites" (our brothers). The invention came in time to create a new Zohar that could be read by the "masses" and the (until R.N.) unfindable tikkun haklalli could be spread to the four corners of the earth!

So what about the MP3 and DVD- previously the "walkman"?

You can read while you work with both hands and move with both feet! On the bus, while you are using your eyes to write on the computer etc..

Does it need to be songs? NO!

Can it be EBAY HA NACHAL? Can it be in a language you are familiar with? Read by a person with a pleasant voice? Of course! Do you think this would attach you to the Tzaddik and pave the way for the Messiah? I'll let you answer that.

Dear friends, this is also a chiddush any ideas how to get it done?

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