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Thursday, January 27, 2011

NaNach developments

B"H a lot of amazing NaNach developements this week, that I know about, aside from the infinite NaNach rectifications that are taking place without our knowledge.

B"H today the newly published Hebrew Stories and Parables of Rabbi Nachman came out, hot off the press, 2000 copies availabe now for 6 shekel each (from what I understand about 500pages). This is extremely exciting, and already we are working on the next project - the stories in English, B"H.

Work has been started on Google Earth to properly document NaNach on the world we live in, and to connect all that is holy to Rabbainu Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman.

Today I met Mordichai and SMB at Kikar Tzion and we did amazing hafatza B"H.

A few other projects are under way, B"H.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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