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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Nanach beanie is like a circumcision on the brain!

Yesterday or maybe two or three days ago I found an article with NaNach in it's title, something like; "Beyond NaNach...", so I went to check it out, it was about the severity of the injunction to wear a beanie. Being that the article did merit to have NaNach in the title, I decided to grace it with a comment, and I wrote, amongst other things, that the NaNach beanie is like a circumcision on the brain. Not long after, some guy named snag, commented to this, that a circumcision on the brain is called a lobotomy {!!!}. To which I replied, he can go for a lobotomy C"V, but I'll stick with the NaNach beanie!

B"H for NaNach!

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