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Sunday, January 9, 2011

My son needs your help

My only Jewish son, a five year old is being reconfined to the exclusive control of his mother and step father a anti-nanach "talmid chocham". I will spare you the details but due to motse shem ra the mother who did not want me to attend the bris or give a name to my son and much more is successfully incriminating the State of Israel and possibly the Rabbanut by making them partners in legalizing kidnapping.

In fact all it takes to reverse the situation is for one Na Nach to dance outside the courthouse of Givat Shaul (off kanfe nesharim - beit mishpat hashalom) at 8:30 inthe morning til I come out on the 7th of shvat or 12th of January.

I can brag that I danced for two hours outside the courthouse during the trial of Israel Dagani (solo) and made the call of "no Habeas Corpus" that saved him for a serious emprisonnment and the possible assasination of his family in his absence.

If you are not interested in sweetning the judgement, you are simply missing out on what the secular world would call a billion dollar give away.

In fact my five year old really needs YOUR help.

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