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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Male ve Kadish new explanation

A villager of Ebay Ha Nachal asked me what "male ve kadish" (on the petek) stood for.. he offered "kav le kav, tsav le tsav" this is a phrase in the Haftorah. I remember it speaking about how we follow the commandments, if we follow G-d at times and the idols at times, then G-d will treat us in the same way. If we accept some rules but not others he also.

Related to Sabas' explanation that "me kav le kav" refers to Breslev books on EVERY bookshelf.. wise; G-d will fill our households with blessing and wealth-

... if instead, we make up new verdicts; he too will make new decrees (which we do not know yet and will have a difficult time adjusting to).

I believe he is referring to the abandonment of Torah law to the benefit of secular courts, the result of which will bring "falsehood" and create a conflict between the Jewish Nation and the Creator.


The villager said...

No legal genius, still, I do have some real-life examples of this being true.

The villager said...

Nay, not an issue of abandoning the laws of Bnei Brak, an issue of abandoning Na Nach-- that's a no no.