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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Learning from survivors

The two that survived the ordeal of the Exodus from Egypt Caleb ben Yefouneh and Jehoshua ben Nun told the nation that they could eat the inhabitants of Canaan like bread!

THIS is why they survived! They had interpreted correctly the words of "The Giants" of Kiryat Arba that had called Am I. (the nation of Israel) Arbe (Locusts). Giants is actually perogative (derisory) because these "giants" were so low in THEIR own eyes, that to encourage each other they referred to Am I. as locusts (arbe in Hebrew means "alot" as well as "locust/grasshoppers".

Ten brothers didn't get it, two did.

The correct answer to the "giants" is:

"You actually believe that because grasshoppers crossed the sea...

[(not one remained in Egypt so obviously there was a good wind and plenty of food in the belly to travel to lush new medows anywhere in the world - the great Egyptians on the other hand thrilled at taking over the chariots of their own firstborn had alwayse used their mouths to lie, not only to eat, didn't leave one corps alive after trying to follow in the footsteps of the insects and of AM I.)]

...and were numerous like Am I., we could be compared to insects?

Caleb and Yehoshua-
You giants are right, and like the Egyptians it is the 8th (shmo NA NA8) pleague us grasshoppers that you "giants" fear the most. You fear we will eat all your food and become greater then you since you believe that you are what you eat (giants). You are in fact dying because of your fear of us, but it is worse then you even think. You are our bread! Man(sometimes Ma-NA) sounds like man doesn't it? Ha-man is the three cornered cookie we let our kids practice with. Just imagine what G-d has ordered us to do to YOU in particular!

Are you going to plead "not guilty"? You don't even want to admit that he exists!

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The villager said...

Just imagine what a hard time DVD had with GO lieth the 1st. This time around it is much easier still!