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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jitro is about leadership- That is THE critical issue !

Who do we go to, leaders like Jitro or leaders like Levi?

What do you make of a Korach?

Is Jitro a true convert when he follows Moshe's order and goes to his people to spread the word, or when he refuses Moses request for him to be the eyes of Am I. and to lead them into the new land?

Doesn't Jitro make a statment that G-d is the first of ALL GODS? Wait- there's a problem with that. As opposed to Avraham, Malkitzedek priest of Jerusalem also spoke about the supreme G-d, and what was "Zeus" and "Thor" to mention but a few "supreme G-ds" if the supreme G-d of Israel was supreme to other supreme g-ds, why was Jitro taking off to his own nation so soon? Avraham said, there is only ONE g-d and his neighbors saved by Avraham accepted this (since they were from the "right" neigborhood)maybe honestly, did Lot think like this or was he likely to make a golden calf?

I say that Jitro's conversion applies to his grandchildren, but not to him.

Had he interpreted the events in Cannaan for AM I., 600 000 Jewish men would have entered the promise land immediatly. Would he have been able to convince the mixed multitude NOT to create an idol?

No Jitro did NOT choose to follow both requests of Moshe, only one. Did he even wait to go to Mount Sinai?

What is clear is that his grandchildren are fully Levites, none the less as they are loyal to the leader of the generation.

Jitro knew very well how frightened the Caananites were but as a result of his failing Am I. two new leaders emerged: Ephraim and Yehuda. From bad good is born.
Yes we lost a generation, but two tribes proved that they had ceased being slaves.

The Levites did not even fall to the level of slaves while they were in Egypt, so really Jitro's mistake was to allow the tribes to catch up with Levi.

Jitro also disqualifyed Korach since he apparently had an eye on gain, therefore was not fit to lead according to Jitro. Korach's sons did "stay in the tribe" none the less. Similar fates? I would think it is hell to say "Moshe is the truth and his Tora is truth" when I chose to leave him and live with a bunch of fools that have no way to understand this. Had Jitro done as Moshe had said, he could easily have converted his whole nation, and they would have joined the 12 successful tribes.

When will people learn that NOT DOING THE WILL OF THE TZADDIK is like stepping into permanent HELL?

No... you don't believe ....ONLY.... IN NA NACH?

Hope the truth isn't too scary. Even if you are scared, I suggest you do open your eyes.

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