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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's head is in Shechem and it's feet in Beer Sheva

Such is the ladder of Jacob. It reaches it's highest level above the kever of Josef. The middle level is Jerusalem, Hebron is one quarter of the way and Ebay Hanachal is the third eigth of the way.

Can one presume from this that the Tzaddik (Josef) is twice as "close" as the Temple?

If the GOOD eyes of G-d are on Israel, all the time (he is eternal) and this is our main blessing.

If also, it appears from the ladder's position that the destined burial erea of the Tzaddik reaches up higher then the erea destined for the sacrifices.

We can conclude that Rabbi Nachman brought (as prescribed according to Halacha - which he hinted at with his four steps) to Jerusalem will "righten" the ladder, making the connection twice as direct as in the time og Josef but proportionally to the distance to Uman in hight!

Both in Schem and in Uman "conversions by the sword" were attempted in the name of profit. Under the leadership of Jacob, Israel buried the ill-gotten loot.

Let's see if the Ukrainians can make amends for their repeated crimes, by sending Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem AT THEIR EXPENSE, this would be very good for them and the world.


chezi said...

is this a translation of something or just an interesting musing?

The villager said...

The ladder is mentioned in the Gemarra. The "muse" is the one that comes to Mordecai ben Yom Tov & Simcha after Hatzot.