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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Iran's proposed (nuclear) holocaust

If you consider the words of President Ben Tsvi to be true and that the US officials are right to call Aminad. "Hitler" his plan to nuke the "Zionist Regime" is also a plan to nuke the "Palestinian-"arabs"" These are not Arabs, or Christians, or Romans these are people attached to the land of Israel who would be delighted to re-learn about their original JEWISH roots.

Turning Haman or Hitler into an asset is possible if we can first look at the truth. According to Rabbi Nachman's story of the Huntchback this requires:

Humility (poverty)
Fear of G-d

If you lack these qualities, you will have to work on them or the truth will remain unreachable and we all are waiting for YOU. If you have these qualities, then please help your brothers attain them. Criticism and lashon hara will not help, only love and devotion.

The land is being "preserved" for the highest bidder (wealthiest), and as far as I understand the wealthiest themselves are unable to attain it. Ultimatly I do see a scenario emerging in the "Hitlers" that a form of Nutron Bomb would make a lot of property available for a slavelike - robotic population lower then insects in their devotion to a human G-d and filling their bellies with trivialities. To counter this avoda zara - only one way is powerful enough- Na Nach

four nouns represent a shattered swastika and there is a reason for that!


Anonymous said...

where in the world are you getting this stuff about the arabs being jewish and having a place in the land of Israel. They are def. not one of the lost tribes! Please give some proof or source for these egregious claims!

shimonnachmanshilo said...

nice נ נ ח broken swastica chidush

NaaNaach said...

remember that the Roshay Taivos - acronym - of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman, NNNNM - have the gematria - numerical value - of 'amulaik' as alluded to in the Tora in the verse "raishis guyim amulaik, vi-achreeso aday ovaid" - their end is in the last words of the verse "shevA yeepoL tzadiK vikuM" which Rabbainu revealed spells out Amulaik.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

The villager said...

Way to stick up for friends and for truth! Go Na Nach!

Anonymous said...

that link is completely unsupported speculation and conjecture. The person is trying to prove his claim and has very sparce real evidence. and even if there was one grain of truth to the claim how in the world would that give them some right to the land of Israel.!