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Monday, January 10, 2011

Hunchback or 5th beggar and peace

Lots are not necessarily a sign of success, you can have lots of ants, or lots of ancient Egyptians (a lower species then grasshoppers for sure since both are only interested in food, but grasshoppers do not lie).

Skipping the first two small that contains alot, the third example is of a nation producing more fruit then it can bear. (I suppose this is Israel)

Suprisingly the garden visited by the noblemen contains even more (ebay ha nachal village).

The secretary that can put the words of all the people into just a few words for the King is on a higher level.

The man that can bear all the hate in silence contains still more.

The small man leading the big blind man contains even more.

The tree of peace (this can only be Rabbi Nachman) contains all the types of animals and they can each find their proper shade in it.

The "reaserchers" that need to enter the tree but wait till everybody is on the level to do so (these are the true Na Nachs)

The Huntchback is Saba and he can do all the things the others can do (the secretary, the small man, the man that bears the hate)

I believe the launching pad could be Ebay Ha Nachal (the garden of the noblemen)

With out this tree, how can there be peace?

So my advice is to connect with SABA to enter the tree

The man who can bring people to the tree (Saba and the book Ebay Ha Nachal)

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