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Saturday, January 1, 2011

How does G-d win with the Exodus from Egypt?

The goyim call it Exodus, we call it Names.

The book where the name of G-d is first revealed to Moses, a revelation that maybe even Hannoch didn't know (but he was taken at 365 years - what if G-d had let him finish his work?). How is G-d victorious over Pharoe? He predicts to Moses everything that is about to happen, in the PAST tense- no challenge whatsoever. In fact the whole ordeal is a failiure for G-d because the nation in not interested in listning to Moses, so plan B needs to be activated. Call it a fail-safe rescue operation 2{3} men are in fact rescued and the women and children, because no one is interested in their opignion so they come out innocent.

Names not related to "mission" are unimportant, private stories finish with Genesis/Ber et shit. The Levites have from the beginning the distinction that they live their lives according to this new book, they have no private life, they belong to G-d.

Not until line 32,32 (heart heart) does the name of interest representing the only victory for G-d appear. You guessed, it is the name Nachman inside the youd youd of "Go-d". {read in the Latin direction from sapercha- mi ani nachmani}

One learns from this to look for and appreciate any victory for G-d and cherish it greatly, because he also needs divine patience to extract these from the flood of muck of this material world.

Le eyne col Israel Ber (et shit) and 10 (Od-esser). Either your Tora is that of Bilam, or it is that of Israel Ber Odesser. NA NACH. Have mercy on G-d give him a victory!

Hannukka is not enough now we need Purim.

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