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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

hisbodedus revisited

In Torah 52 Rabbeinu tells us why we are on this planet, and as a result why this planet is here. Basically we are here "to return and cleave to our root, which is to return and be included in Hashem, the only Necessary Reality, and for this everything was created".
Rabbeinu teaches us that we can get to this tripped out sounding place, which is apparently the point of the Whole Thing, through Hisbodedus.
Rabbeinu explains that when we isolate ourselves at night in an isolated place (not busy even during the day), and express our speech between us and our Creator, we come to a place of bitul, nothingness, and through this one can nullify each evil trait and our physicality, and become included in our root.
Let's pray for each other that we be zoche to this kind of hisbodedus.