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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Great All Time NaNach Petek Story

OK so there's a Nanach, you probably heard of him, he darshans (studies and extrapolates?) the Holy Petek day and night for about the last 20 years, his name is Amos Levi N"Y. So the story goes that a few years ago he went with Hendi to one of the MFSS (sorry about the F, it just seems very appropiate), R"S may he merit to return to NaNach soon, to get an aprobation for the holy Petek. They waited in the line until it was their turn, there were many people waiting after them. As soon as they got into R"S Amos had the holy Petek in his hand and launched into one of his long and involved drashos, and R"S did his utmost to listen respectfully, this went on for a few minutes, until Amos couldn't resist and he decided to go out and he showed R"S that there is the form of a hand on the holy Petek.... this was a little too much for the venerable meforsum, and he suddenly interupted, and said he feels very weak, he has to go to sleep, and with that he just went to sleep!!!
GIVALD! GIVALD! GIVALD! - you have to hear Hendi say it over, there's no comparison, but I did my best.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


The villager said...

A little EMES, the MFSS is ALWAYSE asleep, but now that the sheker falls it is obvious to see!

The villager said...

Hendi and Amos don't know how the hand was revealed!

It was a little before the 1st petek got burned...I was trying to get the word out that the tinca tinca fish or Shlayn (a ukranian carp) was the recommended remedy against ayn ha ra(sichot haran 242). I asked a sfardi artist to draw the fish. He refused made a hamsa on the fish and even redid the petek. All this so I could print a small copy to go along with the Na Nach cameas.

Lo and behold I am looking at the 10 lines and they end with Biat ha Moshiach, (not with eyncha metane). Now I open the sichot of Saba and read about the evil eye sfadis give to ashkenaze that are poor (white trash) and ashkenaze give to sfardi (sand-niggers) and non breslevers to Breslevers (christians) rich give to poor etc... everyone knows that Saba didn't have bread to feed his 10 children and it was not much to ask for, one actually died of starvation. As a result of these sufferings Saba says he "earned" the second Petek. There it was on page 242 of this book "Na Nach" I didn't even notice the page number until I had shown it over and over again (deciding it was too hard to find the page not knowing the number). The same text (but in 5 lines) that my sfardi frend had written-- however it was in Yiddish NOT IN HEBREW. No it doesn't say "HA AISH CHELI tokad ad biat ha moshiah" at all!
it says: my little light will stay lit 17 (or in this) 17 Moshiach will come.

This letter described by Saba as his EXCLUSIVE property does have the shape of a hand except that the "middle finger" is the shortest and the pinky "first finger" is the longest. Why?
A tip: 1 Reshit am Amalek, 2 The central figure and quality is humility Moshe Rabbenu.Who are the other fingers, I bet you can figure it out...

Boy it was great to get this off my chest and make it public knowledge. Thank you!

The villager said...

Actually the child died begging for bread which Saba didn't have any of to give him...