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Friday, January 7, 2011

Free Breslov Books for Download

We just put up the following books on the Nanach information site they are available as PDF files and can be downloaded for free. Much thanks to Daniel, Nachman and all the Givat Shaul Nanachs for giving us permission to post the books.

English Books

Sipory Masiyot - Rebbe Nachmans Stories
Blossoms of the Spring - Letters of the Saba to Zalman Shazar

Hebrew Books

Likutay Maharan Part One ( לקוטי מהר"ן חלק א ) - Torah Lessons of Rebbe Nachman
Likutay Maharan Part Two ( לקוטי מהר"ן חלק ב ) - Torah Lessons of Rebbe Nachman
Chayi Maharan ( חיי מהר"ן עם השמטות ) - Full Version of the Life of Rebbe Nachman
Sefer Hamedos ( ספר המידות ) - Book of Attributes
Hishtapchus Hanefesh ( השתפחות הנפש ) - Outpouring of the Sou
Stories, Parables, Dreams ( ספורים משלים וחלמות ) - Stories, Parables and Dreams of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov
Ebay Hanachal ( אבי הנחל ) - Letters of the Saba to Zalman Shazar
Tikkun Chatzot ( תיקון חצות ) - Midnight Lamentations Over the Destruction of Temple  

Books are for personal use only. Any other use must first be approved of by the publishers.


Anonymous said...

These links don't work. Can you fix pls?

Tzfat NaNach said...
here are the links that work