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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Egyptiens reached a level beneath grasshoppers

G-d at this point has more love and respect for grasshoppers then for Egyptians, why?

During the hail that killed man, beast and plants, Egypt realized that Jews did not even need to believe or stay indoors and they would be saved. This pleague does not disturb them as much as the grasshoppers who did not actually KILL. You may not believe this but bugs would have this reaction... food is all they care about.

Not one grasshopper was left in Egypt! How is that possible? Well, they were successful, they ate EVERYTHING and with their bellies full a strong wind pushed them over the shallow "sea of reeds" and they could stay airborn long enough to cover a great distance until they could find their next meal. They were bugs interested in food only, but had more wits then the Egyptians and more success.

Hate can really bring a person to a very low level!

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