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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

eau d' 10 = Odesser why is this important?

Supposing the Princess is trying to escape the King who had previously captured her and made her prisonner out of [with his-?] "love" (Malach ha Mavet - according to Saba) it makes sense or justifies his decision now to kill her because he "fears" he will be EXTERMANATED (which isn't true since Haman still has HIS day when all the other days are Shabbos) She has to risk entering the "castle of water" which according to Rabbi Nachman is a beautiful novelty, but which according to Saba even has plants, flowers and trees all made out of water.

The name of the Castle of Water is no doubt, Ebay Ha Nachal or Blossoms of Spring authored by Odesser from "le eyney kol- ISRAEL...BER" eau d esser.

From Greek lore we have it too:

L'Illiade et l'eau d' Isse (eng.) Odessy- maritime adventure. (doesn't the Tora start this way?)

Jewish lore:

Lillit (female evil angel of passion)

Lillit and her maritime adventure - which is a story about a world war which resulted from a princess being captured by a jealous prince and the struggle to get her back. (Greco-Persian wars)(have you read the news today?)

I think this ancient legend was spread during the times when the profets were in Israel so it's fair to say this is amounts to the prophecies comming from the 70 nations.

There are a sufficient amount of novelties in this post to justify why the French and Greek understandings of Odesser needed posting.


The villager said...

Ebay Ha Nachal is a must :

for beginning to study tora

to escape the angel of death

to be accessible for treatment by Rabbi Nachman

The villager said...


eau = water

Eau d' esser (10) means the water of ten or the castle of water that protects the princess much like the sea of reeds during the escape from Egypt.

The Tzaddik is more powerful then this sea, that allowed Israel and grasshoppers to all pass, but none of the Egyptians. It is pretty efficient and makes NO exceptions.