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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

do what u can, even a little is good....

rabbeinu says hafatza is the greatest and saba madgeeshes it.
gave up everything to make the keren and print the books and spread rabainee.
so, i just wanted to share that in the past i was doin more hafatza then now here in montreal canada but even though i dont have the koach todo it like i was b4 i still got a few books and magnets and setup a little pushka here at a local bagel shop.
so just to give chizuk to u all out there that u dont have to go door to door if its too much for u know but even settin up a little pushka at a store is a great hafatza. tons of books have gone out from this little pushka so bH....
Na Nach Nachma Nachman m'uman !!!!
stay strong chevreh !!!!


Tzfat Nanach said...

Stay strong, even the smallest Hafatza in a place as dark as Canada is a very big thing.

nothinbut100% said...

thnx for the chizuk. nn