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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blossoms of the Spring is a MUST download

This is the only original book written by NA NACH. He praises it and says it will play a major role in the redemption.

One very strange fact about this book is that the four people that participated in printing it are on the Israeli Shekel today. The Israeli bank decided to change the people on its bills, but after the fire that ravaged the Haifa forest, they debated again and decided that the receiver of the letters (in Blossoms) will remain on the 200 shekel bill which is reish or rosh (head).

Saba really wants presidents on all the bills he mentions President Shazar, President Ben Zvi and President Hertzog - but their being four bills I hope the fourth president is in fact Moshe Katsav 8th president (the Hannukka president shmo-na nach).

Why bills? Because the economy depends exclusively on the Tzaddik (or bread-Adam/flour-R.Nachman/dough-$$-NA NACH)

Why does SABA want presidents on the bills?

A1: A tikkun of the sin of the spies that caused the death of 600 000 jews at the rate of 15 000 each 9th of AV (over 40 years), thank G-d they were buried which is a sweetning of the original judgement. To avoid this people need to run to Jehoshua or to Caleb and to beg for forgivness and offer to help in any way possible.

A2: Presidents represent tribes or nations (there are 4 that descend from Rachel one of which is supposed to be the leader) and 4 represents the "foundation" like the cup of Rabbi Nachaman or his chair from which the wisdom flows.

All this to understand the reality of Blossoms, not to mention that most of the original real chiddushim on which Na Nach is founded are revealed her. Some like to say that SABA is no chiddush he is only the speaker for Rabbi Nachman, I reject this, but even so, our generation cannot penetrate Rabbi Nachmans truth without Saba and Blossoms.

Reading Blossoms will make Y O U great!

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The villager said...

Agood point to be made about dough and Pessach and Na Nach is that if it stops moving and cooking it just bloats to death-- if it stays active and hot on duty it becomes Matsa. Now Pessach is Night and NOT day as people imagine--- the only thing that sperates it from all other nights is matsa.

Pshita: Move your can (no buts) and do hafatsa or your night is no different then anyone elses'!