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Friday, January 14, 2011

Be Strong in Publishing, Money, and Effort

Publishing Rabbainu's holy teachings is probably the foremost important mission of a Breslover Chasid, i.e. the NaNach. [For encouragement and conviction of this you can visit].

If every book of Rabbainu would cost a few million dollars, it would be a bargain. If people are publishing in order to make a livelihood, that's amazing, B"H they are providing the world with a glimpse of Rabbainu, however expensive (and often contorted). It's well worth it to support them and their lifestyle to get words from Rabbainu! (unless of course you already have better channels). But of course much better is to publish Rabbainu for cost. Even better is when the cost doesn't include huge overhead expenses. Even better is when not only is the cost, the very bare cost, but it is the cheapest available price to be gotten on the market for such a publication. Best, and the utopian is when this is achieved through simple chaverim, ordinary NaNach, like you and me.

B"H this is happening right now. B"H in the near future a few NaNach will be publishing, in Hebrew, Stories and Parables of Rabbi Nachman. From what I understand, the book will be of medium size, i.e. larger than pocket but not standard - similar to the size of the Keren's 'Kol Bo Liyishuos'. The book will have apx. 500 pages! It will be sold, B"H, for 6 shekel!

Being that we of consider this project the biggest mitzva you can get, we have donated $120 from your contributions. We would have liked to give more but B"H we are about to make our own full publication of Na Nach sticker which costs about $400 (which B"H we have thanks to your generous contributions), and we are also B"H contributing to two more amazing hafatza projects which you will find out/ experience in the near future B"H.

Anyone who would like to contribute for a specific project can donate through the "donate" link on the upper right side of this site, and send us an email enumerating the desired goal.

Presently the decision of the allocation of all funds is conducted by the Webmaster together with myself, and if we are uncertain or in disagreement we consult other NaNach for their input. If anyone feels that there are better projects for us to be promoting, we will be more than happy to hear their out, and will definitely consider, or reconsider our goals.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

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