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Thursday, January 27, 2011

About this world and the next, about reward and punishment

Rabbi Nachman teaches that there are infinite levels of awareness, perception, and knowledge of God. A person has inner knowedge that he fully comprehends and periphery knowledge, which hovers at the brink of his cognitiance, and he has an even higher amorphous knowledge which he hasn't even touched let alone grasped, and above that there are inifinite levels which he can ultimately attain. What for one person is way above and beyond, for another, could be trite. In the future world, when the soul is free from the body, the soul will be able to very swiftly rise to high cognitiance of God, even still it is possible that a living Tzadik - righteous person - has reached even higher conception.

Awareness, perception, cognitiance, knowledge,.... of God, this is all dependant on the state of one's observance and commitment to the Covenant of God. This is principaly manifested in how much a person comunicates with God rather than putting interest or thought in sexuality. The more one purifies himself from eronious thought and sanctifies himself with connecting to God, he/she will enter higher states of unity with God. Also every good deed is a gateway to this unity with God.

During one's life in this world, a person is given the opportunity to build the highways that will take his soul past all the turbulence of confusion, fantacy, and delusion. To open doors to the reality of God. When the person dies his soul will inherit these accomplishments, nothing more or less.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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