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Monday, January 31, 2011

Nanach graffiti

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nanach just do it!

Moshiach Oi - The Petek

Nanach Saves

What do you call Yanky if C"V he goes off the derech (proper way)?

the answer is posted in the comments.

Nanach kung fu #2

Bruce & Jackie Nanach

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Breslov Books Now Shipping to England

Shipping to England has now been enabled on the / site. B"H we will now be taking orders from the UK as well.

Explanation of Shipping Prices

Here is an explanation of the shipping charges for the books

Planet Nanach

Breslov Books Now Shipping to Mexico

Shipping to Mexico has now been enabled on the / site. B"H we will now be taking orders from Mexico as well.

New Logo for Breslov Books Site

Male ve Kadish new explanation

A villager of Ebay Ha Nachal asked me what "male ve kadish" (on the petek) stood for.. he offered "kav le kav, tsav le tsav" this is a phrase in the Haftorah. I remember it speaking about how we follow the commandments, if we follow G-d at times and the idols at times, then G-d will treat us in the same way. If we accept some rules but not others he also.

Related to Sabas' explanation that "me kav le kav" refers to Breslev books on EVERY bookshelf.. wise; G-d will fill our households with blessing and wealth-

... if instead, we make up new verdicts; he too will make new decrees (which we do not know yet and will have a difficult time adjusting to).

I believe he is referring to the abandonment of Torah law to the benefit of secular courts, the result of which will bring "falsehood" and create a conflict between the Jewish Nation and the Creator.

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Nanach beanie is like a circumcision on the brain!

Yesterday or maybe two or three days ago I found an article with NaNach in it's title, something like; "Beyond NaNach...", so I went to check it out, it was about the severity of the injunction to wear a beanie. Being that the article did merit to have NaNach in the title, I decided to grace it with a comment, and I wrote, amongst other things, that the NaNach beanie is like a circumcision on the brain. Not long after, some guy named snag, commented to this, that a circumcision on the brain is called a lobotomy {!!!}. To which I replied, he can go for a lobotomy C"V, but I'll stick with the NaNach beanie!

B"H for NaNach!

New Song - Wana Cry - Lazer Nanach

Here is a new song by Lazer Nanach.

Creation of the song was sponsored through donations to

Song can now be downloaded for free on the Nanach Music site in Lazers folder.


New Print of the Siporey Masiyos with Meshalim

Here is the new book that just was just printed
(partially through sponsorships from

To order call 050-679-7114

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Iran's proposed (nuclear) holocaust

If you consider the words of President Ben Tsvi to be true and that the US officials are right to call Aminad. "Hitler" his plan to nuke the "Zionist Regime" is also a plan to nuke the "Palestinian-"arabs"" These are not Arabs, or Christians, or Romans these are people attached to the land of Israel who would be delighted to re-learn about their original JEWISH roots.

Turning Haman or Hitler into an asset is possible if we can first look at the truth. According to Rabbi Nachman's story of the Huntchback this requires:

Humility (poverty)
Fear of G-d

If you lack these qualities, you will have to work on them or the truth will remain unreachable and we all are waiting for YOU. If you have these qualities, then please help your brothers attain them. Criticism and lashon hara will not help, only love and devotion.

The land is being "preserved" for the highest bidder (wealthiest), and as far as I understand the wealthiest themselves are unable to attain it. Ultimatly I do see a scenario emerging in the "Hitlers" that a form of Nutron Bomb would make a lot of property available for a slavelike - robotic population lower then insects in their devotion to a human G-d and filling their bellies with trivialities. To counter this avoda zara - only one way is powerful enough- Na Nach

four nouns represent a shattered swastika and there is a reason for that!

Nanach graffiti

NaNach developments

B"H a lot of amazing NaNach developements this week, that I know about, aside from the infinite NaNach rectifications that are taking place without our knowledge.

B"H today the newly published Hebrew Stories and Parables of Rabbi Nachman came out, hot off the press, 2000 copies availabe now for 6 shekel each (from what I understand about 500pages). This is extremely exciting, and already we are working on the next project - the stories in English, B"H.

Work has been started on Google Earth to properly document NaNach on the world we live in, and to connect all that is holy to Rabbainu Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman.

Today I met Mordichai and SMB at Kikar Tzion and we did amazing hafatza B"H.

A few other projects are under way, B"H.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

About this world and the next, about reward and punishment

Rabbi Nachman teaches that there are infinite levels of awareness, perception, and knowledge of God. A person has inner knowedge that he fully comprehends and periphery knowledge, which hovers at the brink of his cognitiance, and he has an even higher amorphous knowledge which he hasn't even touched let alone grasped, and above that there are inifinite levels which he can ultimately attain. What for one person is way above and beyond, for another, could be trite. In the future world, when the soul is free from the body, the soul will be able to very swiftly rise to high cognitiance of God, even still it is possible that a living Tzadik - righteous person - has reached even higher conception.

Awareness, perception, cognitiance, knowledge,.... of God, this is all dependant on the state of one's observance and commitment to the Covenant of God. This is principaly manifested in how much a person comunicates with God rather than putting interest or thought in sexuality. The more one purifies himself from eronious thought and sanctifies himself with connecting to God, he/she will enter higher states of unity with God. Also every good deed is a gateway to this unity with God.

During one's life in this world, a person is given the opportunity to build the highways that will take his soul past all the turbulence of confusion, fantacy, and delusion. To open doors to the reality of God. When the person dies his soul will inherit these accomplishments, nothing more or less.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sefer HaMiddos

One who eats before prayer (Shacharith) is punished through clothing.

This is the epicenter of a political earthquake

200 Nis is Zalman Shazar author of Ebay Ha Nachal about the true leader of Israel

100 Nis is Israk Ben Tzvi author of studies reported by Tsvi Misinai that prove that Palestinians are a biblical example of "moreno" Jews. In Spain half the Jews left to maintain their faith. Half remained as Morenoes. After the destruction of the second temple, a certain percentage considered important for the Jewish Nation were destroyed, others considered valuable as slaves were shipped into servitude, others too difficult to capture or of little economic value for other reasons were forced to hide their Jewish loyality. Those who survived and chose to remain Jewish in public were able to escape, those that did not want to give up their land became "Palestinian Morenos".

Palestinians are the other half of the nation of Israel and ARE NOT ARABS (look at the study for details)! However they have been persecuted for so long and their children have been brainwashed so much that they are in a very difficult position.

If someone forced you to give up your five year old for brainwashing what do you think would happen to him? Has this not happened to Jews in the past?
Since we were in "Guest" countries the persecutions were usually for political or for economic interests, and there were also times when the "Royality" wanted Jews to prosper. In both cases the "nations" had an interest in Jews remaining distinct from gentiles. In Israel, the "Palestinian-Israelis" were constantly prevented from being Jewish and were exploited to the point of destruction.

So when Saba says not to give one millimeter, he isn't talking about Palestinian-Jews, he is talking about Arabs! Palestinians have alot of Tora to learn from us and de-brainwashing, but having remained in the EYE of G-d or on the Holy Land for so long, be sure they have alot of important wisdome as well. Criticizim will also fly from both sides until the lessons are learned. The key to the solution is truth.

In diplomacy, some things cannot be said- but clearly bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem will be a key factor in uniting these two "brothers" and improving the Economic situation for this key strategic region.

Related Proposal (would cause an increase in the value of the shekel of benefit to both sides):

To please Saba the 50,- should be President Hertzog who made the verbal agreement with President Tchenkov (Ukrain) to bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem. He also studied the book Ebay Ha Nachal.

Possibly Saba could figure on the 20,- Nis after the re-burial of Rabbi Nachman.

Jerusalem stands to gain over 2 billion dollars in tourism per year after the first year of operation.


when you go on youtube there a picture of a small phone beside the youtube logo and it says ask president obama a question, everyone who has a youtube account should click on this and write Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman and thousands maybe even millions will beable to see the Holy name NNNNM =]

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

hisbodedus revisited

In Torah 52 Rabbeinu tells us why we are on this planet, and as a result why this planet is here. Basically we are here "to return and cleave to our root, which is to return and be included in Hashem, the only Necessary Reality, and for this everything was created".
Rabbeinu teaches us that we can get to this tripped out sounding place, which is apparently the point of the Whole Thing, through Hisbodedus.
Rabbeinu explains that when we isolate ourselves at night in an isolated place (not busy even during the day), and express our speech between us and our Creator, we come to a place of bitul, nothingness, and through this one can nullify each evil trait and our physicality, and become included in our root.
Let's pray for each other that we be zoche to this kind of hisbodedus.

rabbeinu in portugese

great small group of guys who are generational decendants from morranos in brasil get together and learn rabbeinu, and have a blog in portugese !!!
tons of teachings of rabbeinu and saba pictures all over...great stuff.
if u wanna check it out got portugese friends, here's the site

nanach !!!!!!!!!!

משה=מ-ש-די=354 =נ נח נחמ נחמן ז"יעא

=נ נח נחמ נחמן



Monday, January 24, 2011


uvechen tzadikim simantov toronto

toronto 22.1.11

Moshiach Oi! - The Song of Redemption

New Song is proud to present a new song from Lazer G Nanach, available now for free at the music site, in his folder, or click on this link:

Nanach cartoon

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Na Nach Music Site

B"H was able to renew the Nanach Music site for another year through the donations given to

Music site offers close to 1000 Nanach songs available for free download.

To this point in time the site has over 58,000 downloads.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jitro is about leadership- That is THE critical issue !

Who do we go to, leaders like Jitro or leaders like Levi?

What do you make of a Korach?

Is Jitro a true convert when he follows Moshe's order and goes to his people to spread the word, or when he refuses Moses request for him to be the eyes of Am I. and to lead them into the new land?

Doesn't Jitro make a statment that G-d is the first of ALL GODS? Wait- there's a problem with that. As opposed to Avraham, Malkitzedek priest of Jerusalem also spoke about the supreme G-d, and what was "Zeus" and "Thor" to mention but a few "supreme G-ds" if the supreme G-d of Israel was supreme to other supreme g-ds, why was Jitro taking off to his own nation so soon? Avraham said, there is only ONE g-d and his neighbors saved by Avraham accepted this (since they were from the "right" neigborhood)maybe honestly, did Lot think like this or was he likely to make a golden calf?

I say that Jitro's conversion applies to his grandchildren, but not to him.

Had he interpreted the events in Cannaan for AM I., 600 000 Jewish men would have entered the promise land immediatly. Would he have been able to convince the mixed multitude NOT to create an idol?

No Jitro did NOT choose to follow both requests of Moshe, only one. Did he even wait to go to Mount Sinai?

What is clear is that his grandchildren are fully Levites, none the less as they are loyal to the leader of the generation.

Jitro knew very well how frightened the Caananites were but as a result of his failing Am I. two new leaders emerged: Ephraim and Yehuda. From bad good is born.
Yes we lost a generation, but two tribes proved that they had ceased being slaves.

The Levites did not even fall to the level of slaves while they were in Egypt, so really Jitro's mistake was to allow the tribes to catch up with Levi.

Jitro also disqualifyed Korach since he apparently had an eye on gain, therefore was not fit to lead according to Jitro. Korach's sons did "stay in the tribe" none the less. Similar fates? I would think it is hell to say "Moshe is the truth and his Tora is truth" when I chose to leave him and live with a bunch of fools that have no way to understand this. Had Jitro done as Moshe had said, he could easily have converted his whole nation, and they would have joined the 12 successful tribes.

When will people learn that NOT DOING THE WILL OF THE TZADDIK is like stepping into permanent HELL?

No... you don't believe ....ONLY.... IN NA NACH?

Hope the truth isn't too scary. Even if you are scared, I suggest you do open your eyes.

Novelties MP3 and DVD so what?

Rabbi Nachman when to Lemberg and came back very excited, he could now create the Tikkoun Ha Klalli...

Lemberg is where the printing press was developped.

Rabbi Nachman understood that his unique holiness un-equaled in the history of man had something to do with this new invention from the "Cain-nites" (our brothers). The invention came in time to create a new Zohar that could be read by the "masses" and the (until R.N.) unfindable tikkun haklalli could be spread to the four corners of the earth!

So what about the MP3 and DVD- previously the "walkman"?

You can read while you work with both hands and move with both feet! On the bus, while you are using your eyes to write on the computer etc..

Does it need to be songs? NO!

Can it be EBAY HA NACHAL? Can it be in a language you are familiar with? Read by a person with a pleasant voice? Of course! Do you think this would attach you to the Tzaddik and pave the way for the Messiah? I'll let you answer that.

Dear friends, this is also a chiddush any ideas how to get it done?

Friday, January 21, 2011



The Nanach on the Roof

Tipat Likutei Halachos: The Rectification of Eating

ליקוטי הלכות: הלכות פירות, הלכה ד:ט

The main part of rectifying the act of eating in holiness is through tzedakah.  And, so one must allocate to tzedakah before eating, and one should invite a poor individual to his table, as many suggest in holy seforim.  Doing as such is because through tzedakah one creates a vessel to receive the lofty and pleasant bounty.  The rectification of the act of eating is to connect the taste and pleasantness of food and drink to its root, which is the lofty pleasantness (of Hashem).
One of the things we strive to do as Jews is emulate Hashem in every way possible.  Many of us take the luxury of always having food for granted, but the reality is is that WE are the 'poor person' that Reb Nosson speaks about.  Everyday Hashem invites us to His table to eat delicious foods whenever we are hungry.  He gives us everything that we need without question.  How could we have the chutzpah to not give to others? 

We should be zocheh to realize how much Hashem does for us every second of our lives, and learn from Hashem's dealings with us, so we in turn can treat others in the same manner. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Who is worth listning to for a Jewish Neshama ?

Imagine your soul was and is still attached to the "throne of glory". Who has truth so pure and fine that it merits your complete attention?

If you've been on this job for a few years, you will start realizing that many very talented, respected and kosher people, although they do alot of good and are right about alot of things- are very, very far from the perfection they are pretending to have. YOUR holy, holy neshama deserves better! This is why we have THE PETEK and EBAY HA NACHAL and SICHOT CHEL SABA and of course the works of Rabbenu (Nachman-Na Nach) and of Moshe (Rabbenu). The way the world functions is LOGICAL, but only those that have EMUNA can jump to a point where they can see the logic. The others are just learning JARGONS, there is also playground jargon which is no less sophisticated.

Do you believe that Eve is on a higher level than man because she came out afterwards? Many "fools" believe this. Look at nature how everything rises, then declines. The peak is NEVER at the end of a cycle. There is alwayse issour-hag for example. Ladies were taken from men and I think they are worth all the rest of creation (what came before man), but man is on another level all together! Ladies and Gentlemen what you just read is a chiddouch- it has not been said before, it represents a new direction in understanding creation according to Tora- the word will spread and grow and hopefully bring light and happiness to men and women and their pets and plants. What came after the woman if not the small infant? This child will grow and become a Tzaddik but hey he isn't even circumbcised yet!

I gave you this example to show how true emuna brings truth, without it what you have is Olam Ha Zeh, politics.

Your Neshama does not need to mix politics with truth, it knows who is King and who it wants to serve. Have mercy on it.

Rabbi Nachman is the river the cleanses all stains, especially at the Arizal!

Really this should have been posted a few days ago, probably around the same time Chezi posted his picture of the spring:

now it's a few days after the art work, and the NaNach has been scrubbed down, but B"H although faded, it is still quite prominently visible.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Nightly NaNach Radio Show 9-9:45

Every night from 9:00-9:45 Eastern time the Monsey NaNachs are live on internet radio. We discuss everything its really exciting & enjoyable. We just started 3 days ago & it will get better. Here is the link enjoy listening to Shalom Aron, Shlomo, Aron W, Smacky, and myself. We will be taking radio phone calls soon. NaNach!

tu bishvat imn Miami 2 years ago

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nanach graffiti =]

Great All Time NaNach Petek Story

OK so there's a Nanach, you probably heard of him, he darshans (studies and extrapolates?) the Holy Petek day and night for about the last 20 years, his name is Amos Levi N"Y. So the story goes that a few years ago he went with Hendi to one of the MFSS (sorry about the F, it just seems very appropiate), R"S may he merit to return to NaNach soon, to get an aprobation for the holy Petek. They waited in the line until it was their turn, there were many people waiting after them. As soon as they got into R"S Amos had the holy Petek in his hand and launched into one of his long and involved drashos, and R"S did his utmost to listen respectfully, this went on for a few minutes, until Amos couldn't resist and he decided to go out and he showed R"S that there is the form of a hand on the holy Petek.... this was a little too much for the venerable meforsum, and he suddenly interupted, and said he feels very weak, he has to go to sleep, and with that he just went to sleep!!!
GIVALD! GIVALD! GIVALD! - you have to hear Hendi say it over, there's no comparison, but I did my best.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Nanach Vowels

If you want to put vowels on a Hebrew Nanach so that it looks like this:

נַ נַחְ נְחַמָ נַחְמָן מאומן

and you can't figure out how, this is it - for Word:
put the cursor after the letter, make sure that capital locks is ON. for the Kumatz, the vowel for מ, press shift 8, for the Shiva, the vowel for ח, press shift ` (the key to the left of 1), for Patach, the vowel for נ, press shift 7.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


We will praise forever, higher and higher

In the story of the Simpleton and the Sophisticate (from the Rabbi Nachman's Stories of Ancient Times) the Simpleton is always complimenting and praising his work, this is somewhat similar to what is said about the Arizal, that he attained his greatness due to the great happiness and rejoicing he had over every novelty he conceived in the Tora, even the most simple. The importance and power of doing this, to constantly praise matters of holiness can be understood better by it's opposite, the delighting in empty desires. Rabbainu warned that a person should never actually verbalize his body desires. The ways of the promiscuous is to constantly praise the empty, often disgusting, focus of their lust, and thereby heighten their desire for it. So it is extremely important in matters of holiness, whether it be word of Tora, mitzvos - good deeds, good character traits, or faith, that we constantly praise and commend them.
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


It's head is in Shechem and it's feet in Beer Sheva

Such is the ladder of Jacob. It reaches it's highest level above the kever of Josef. The middle level is Jerusalem, Hebron is one quarter of the way and Ebay Hanachal is the third eigth of the way.

Can one presume from this that the Tzaddik (Josef) is twice as "close" as the Temple?

If the GOOD eyes of G-d are on Israel, all the time (he is eternal) and this is our main blessing.

If also, it appears from the ladder's position that the destined burial erea of the Tzaddik reaches up higher then the erea destined for the sacrifices.

We can conclude that Rabbi Nachman brought (as prescribed according to Halacha - which he hinted at with his four steps) to Jerusalem will "righten" the ladder, making the connection twice as direct as in the time og Josef but proportionally to the distance to Uman in hight!

Both in Schem and in Uman "conversions by the sword" were attempted in the name of profit. Under the leadership of Jacob, Israel buried the ill-gotten loot.

Let's see if the Ukrainians can make amends for their repeated crimes, by sending Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem AT THEIR EXPENSE, this would be very good for them and the world.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tipat Likutei Halachos: Purity is Rooted in Our Desires

ליקוטי הלכות: הלכות דם, הלכה א:יא

All of the impurities draw their energy from one's evil cravings, meaning that a person craves and yearns, Heaven forbid, for evil desires.  Every person needs to prevent the desires of his heart, and to accustom himself to always crave and long for holy desires, for Hashem, and serving Him.  And, this too is an aspect of the purity of the mikveh, for the mikveh is an aspect of the waters of kindness that are made through holy desires.  And, through them (holy desires) one is purified from all of the impurities, and is worthy of having Torah revealed to him, which is also an aspect of water as is known. 
(The Ari z"l's mikveh)

I hear time and time again that the point of Judaism is about the deed, and that one's thoughts have no consequence.  So many people think that while they must act in accordance with halacha and Jewish social norms, their minds are free to have a mental mardi-gras frat party.  There's nothing that could be further from the truth, because action, emotion, overall well being, and connection to Hashem are rooted in thought.

What's interesting about what Reb Nosson says is that tuma isn't nourished or perpetuated by one's evil actions. Rather, he says that tuma draws from one's thoughts.  The evil that exists in this world is fed by one's evil desires and cravings regardless of whether or not that person acts on such desires.  Even if he decides to ignore those thoughts the damage has been done. 

Reb Nosson stresses the importance of always thinking about spiritual matters and serving Hashem, because such thoughts have the power of a mikveh.  As soon as one begins to think about holiness all of the tuma that benefited from one's evil thoughts are now washed away, and one can return to Hashem.  Amazing. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Learning from survivors

The two that survived the ordeal of the Exodus from Egypt Caleb ben Yefouneh and Jehoshua ben Nun told the nation that they could eat the inhabitants of Canaan like bread!

THIS is why they survived! They had interpreted correctly the words of "The Giants" of Kiryat Arba that had called Am I. (the nation of Israel) Arbe (Locusts). Giants is actually perogative (derisory) because these "giants" were so low in THEIR own eyes, that to encourage each other they referred to Am I. as locusts (arbe in Hebrew means "alot" as well as "locust/grasshoppers".

Ten brothers didn't get it, two did.

The correct answer to the "giants" is:

"You actually believe that because grasshoppers crossed the sea...

[(not one remained in Egypt so obviously there was a good wind and plenty of food in the belly to travel to lush new medows anywhere in the world - the great Egyptians on the other hand thrilled at taking over the chariots of their own firstborn had alwayse used their mouths to lie, not only to eat, didn't leave one corps alive after trying to follow in the footsteps of the insects and of AM I.)]

...and were numerous like Am I., we could be compared to insects?

Caleb and Yehoshua-
You giants are right, and like the Egyptians it is the 8th (shmo NA NA8) pleague us grasshoppers that you "giants" fear the most. You fear we will eat all your food and become greater then you since you believe that you are what you eat (giants). You are in fact dying because of your fear of us, but it is worse then you even think. You are our bread! Man(sometimes Ma-NA) sounds like man doesn't it? Ha-man is the three cornered cookie we let our kids practice with. Just imagine what G-d has ordered us to do to YOU in particular!

Are you going to plead "not guilty"? You don't even want to admit that he exists!

Youtube commercial with the some of the actors wearing Nanach beanies!

If you go to youtube in the top right corner you'll see the advertisement for HOT it's for some type of phone deal.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tora turns the fires of physical passion into holy prayers.

As you know water cools off the fire. As it absorbs the heat it turns into steam and rises. Tora likewise confronts lusts absorbs their heat and turns into prayer.

If there is enough tora, the fire is put out.

If the tora is lacking (g-d forbid) it becomes part of the fire.

Mfoursamim cause fires to break out, like what happened in Breslev forcing Rabbenu to "run for shelter" to a town of Chillonim (non-religious jews). Make sure you tora out-weighs your passions and those of the people you are trying to mitkarev (bring to the Tzaddik) or you might become an involontary PIRO-man!

Was, a magic wall preventing us from leaving Egypt?

Everyone, EVERYONE will say NO. Not I, begging your pardon. I also believe Saba would agree with me since he gave Sharon Tel Tzour the order to pull Rabbi Nachman out of Uman and to bury him as close as possible to Har Ha Bait.

There was in fact a "wall of Magic" preventing Am Israel from leaving Egypt and our neshamas attached as they are to the crown of glory, knew this well. Thus we refused Moses when he told us YKVK, this was logical, our neshamas knew the wall was still there, he could not take us out. Since we did not accept Moshe, plan B or the destruction of Egypt was put into effect (see my earlier blog).

The wall of Magic turned out to be Yam Sof or (the sea of reeds), there was no crossing it without Josef or the Tzaddik ha Dor in our case Rabbi Nachman.

The nation without it's head is like feet without a body. If you want to find your head do what the SIMPLETON (stories of Rabbi Nachman) did, pour your words out, if you can't do that, go on marches (dances) and pilgrimages until you break down your heavy, stony hearts because words of holy devotion, faith (trust) and joy, to the stony heart are like hammers.

Even if you can enter the "I am alive" condition. You cannot pull your surroundings out of our current "Galous" (emprisonnment) until Rabbi Na Nach can bring his bones to Jerusalem (Rabbi Nachman of Breslev is one and the same as Rabbi Israel- therefore he is bringing his own bones).

Conclusion: There was and there is a Wall Of Magic preventing the Geula. If we want to avoid a new destruction of Egypt and human suffering on all sides if and when asked we need to do everything to help Moshe with the task of finding Josef without him, there wouldn't even be two survivors!

I believe it is very important for mafitsim to understand this truth, because thoughts even without words are like prayers and we need alot of prayers to give Am Israel its head back. Only the mafitsim are in the state of private gueula, and they are being attacked viciously. "AM echad" was only possible because Haman as a catalyst turned Esther into the "head" (but she was actually the wife of the true head, not the head himself). We accepted the fast because there was no "wall of magic". Today there IS a wall of magic and your prayers can bring it down! With Rabbi Nachman here the "wall of magic" will fall down (17of Tammuz), everyone will accept the "head" or "Moshe" and Plan A or "access to the tree of peace (life)" will be endorsed. No more plan B!

A place to publish your Na Nach miracles

I saw this message at Sabas Zion:

Mafitsim that want to share "miraculous" examples of Hashgara please call 052 722 3037

Friday, January 14, 2011


Steven (S) has donated another $180 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.


  Anonymous has donated another $1.50 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.


Yeshi (R) has donated another $60 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.

Be Strong in Publishing, Money, and Effort

Publishing Rabbainu's holy teachings is probably the foremost important mission of a Breslover Chasid, i.e. the NaNach. [For encouragement and conviction of this you can visit].

If every book of Rabbainu would cost a few million dollars, it would be a bargain. If people are publishing in order to make a livelihood, that's amazing, B"H they are providing the world with a glimpse of Rabbainu, however expensive (and often contorted). It's well worth it to support them and their lifestyle to get words from Rabbainu! (unless of course you already have better channels). But of course much better is to publish Rabbainu for cost. Even better is when the cost doesn't include huge overhead expenses. Even better is when not only is the cost, the very bare cost, but it is the cheapest available price to be gotten on the market for such a publication. Best, and the utopian is when this is achieved through simple chaverim, ordinary NaNach, like you and me.

B"H this is happening right now. B"H in the near future a few NaNach will be publishing, in Hebrew, Stories and Parables of Rabbi Nachman. From what I understand, the book will be of medium size, i.e. larger than pocket but not standard - similar to the size of the Keren's 'Kol Bo Liyishuos'. The book will have apx. 500 pages! It will be sold, B"H, for 6 shekel!

Being that we of consider this project the biggest mitzva you can get, we have donated $120 from your contributions. We would have liked to give more but B"H we are about to make our own full publication of Na Nach sticker which costs about $400 (which B"H we have thanks to your generous contributions), and we are also B"H contributing to two more amazing hafatza projects which you will find out/ experience in the near future B"H.

Anyone who would like to contribute for a specific project can donate through the "donate" link on the upper right side of this site, and send us an email enumerating the desired goal.

Presently the decision of the allocation of all funds is conducted by the Webmaster together with myself, and if we are uncertain or in disagreement we consult other NaNach for their input. If anyone feels that there are better projects for us to be promoting, we will be more than happy to hear their out, and will definitely consider, or reconsider our goals.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Response to "This disproves Christianity"

Theres and easer way to disprove there belife...G-d clearly states in The Torah That He is NOT Man and does not come from man!! Also the Torah says if we do not keep the Mitzvahs we will be scatered across the earth and """Will worship gods we do not know""" Almost all Jews were put into Exile because the Jews who commited adultry and were to stubborn to belive in G-d and keep His mitzvahs witch became""christians"" notice they dont have or follow any kind of laws and theres a beliefs amogst most of them that there is 3 gods...i wish i had more time to answer the question just leave your questions in the comment box...but the answer that many people wonder about what is and were did the belife for more then One G-d come Avos it says that these beliefs came from angels witch every land every planet galaxy G-d put one angel over, every land has its own galaxy...ect so people though if they worship there galaxy and the angle
G-d put over there land they would have better weather...ect like i said i wish i had more time to explain just leave a comment.

Nanach art

Tipat Likutei Halachos: Parshas Beshalach: Extra Effort = Extra Desire

ימי מוהרנ"ת ב, לא

ויסב אל-הים את העם דרך המדבר - Hashem took the people around through the desert (שמות יג:יח) - For a number of months before Reb Nosson finally decided to make his journey to Eretz Yisrael he deliberated about the trip for quite some time. In 5582 (1822) during the week of Parshas BeShalach Reb Nosson thought about his own circuitous journey, and felt that it was quite akin to the necessary journey of Bnei Yisrael in the desert prior to their arrival and conquest of Eretz Yisrael.

Odessa is close to Breslov, and everyday there is traffic  - most of Breslov's trade is with Odessa.  But, instead of going straight there I had to travel to Kaminka, Tcherin, Cherkassy, and Kremenchug until I could even get to Odessa! The Torah applies to everyone at every single moment!  The reason a person has to travel a roundabout way is to increase his desire and longing.  When a person wants something and it is withheld from him, he desires it even more so.  The extra travel and effort increase one's desire for whatever it is one wants.

Hashem could have taken Israel straight to the land through the land of the Plishtim at the top of the Sinai peninsula.  Such a route may have taken only a few weeks.  But, in addition to all of the miracles, death of a generation, the reception of the Torah, and the building of the mishkan, the 40 year trip served to increase the Yidden's thirst to be in Eretz Yisrael. 
And, maybe this is why our current geula is taking so long.  Hashem wants us TO CRAVE the geula and LONG to go back to Eretz Yisraelin shlaymus, may it be His will soon.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

This disproves Christianity

This disproves Christianity
The bible only states the actions of creation. These actions are coined by certain names like kel ykvk shkai…
The bible does not talk about god but actions; a name is a character relating to an action in creation. God has no name; he cannot be described by an action. It is beyond our understanding. Psalms 138, you are above all your names of your sayings (through his command through words was the world created)of creation.
Christians believe Jess is God, if you have a name than you cannot be God.
Sichot Haran 95

Its TIME to start saying NA NACH!

Be Happy Be Nanach cartoon

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

do what u can, even a little is good....

rabbeinu says hafatza is the greatest and saba madgeeshes it.
gave up everything to make the keren and print the books and spread rabainee.
so, i just wanted to share that in the past i was doin more hafatza then now here in montreal canada but even though i dont have the koach todo it like i was b4 i still got a few books and magnets and setup a little pushka here at a local bagel shop.
so just to give chizuk to u all out there that u dont have to go door to door if its too much for u know but even settin up a little pushka at a store is a great hafatza. tons of books have gone out from this little pushka so bH....
Na Nach Nachma Nachman m'uman !!!!
stay strong chevreh !!!!

Rabbi Nachman Daily

One can scream to god very loudly, even in a crowd, w/o anyone hearing. when exhaling put a loud scream to your breath w/o rasing your voice.
Sicos Haran-17)

I Am NO!

Nanach's on the Road

B"H today I came back from three days on Sharon's Nanach van. What a zichus (merit) to partake in this awesome hafatza. Just driving down the street stirs up and invigorates the life pulse of our brothers slaving out there (see Likutay Moharan Tora 56, regarding the pulse, this is caused by sighing, in Tora 8 Rabbainu teaches that sighing invokes the Tzadik to restore all that is deficient). During hafatza simple Jews who have difficulty even doing basic devotions show their true color pumping NaNach into the bloodstream of the world. Jumping out of the van to dance at any opportunity; singing and dancing.

Yesterday we had to make a stop in Bney Brak and instead of playing regular music, humble me (as Shlomo Carlbach would refer to himself) took the microphone and sang a bunch of my hit Yiddishe Nanach songs, over and over, and then H"Y blessed me with a new givald Yiddishe Nanach song which B"H I'm going to record soon. Bney Brak got a little taste of Nanach. Of course the children were really excited and alot of them got free stickers. The adults also were quite inspired B"H.

While in Tel Aviv, parked on a side road, Hazamir pulled up in his Nanach car, and while we were delighting in his arrival Ronain and his whole Nanach van crew pulled up as well, and great happiness descended from heaven, and we were all dancing and celebrating Nanach for a few minutes, - I took a short video clip - before everyone move on to spread the light to the masses.

B"H besides for all the amazing hafatza, I was zoche to hear some givald novelle insights, e.g. the esoteric secret of the letter formation of the first word of the Tora, Beraishis, whose letters can be rearranged to spell Aishes Rebbe - Rabbi Nachman's wife! Which is amazing because almost nothing is known about her, she must have been the epitome of modesty! (the Zohar also says that Beraishis can spell "Rosh Bayis" - the head of the House, and according to the Talmud, a person's wife is considered to be the house. Rabbainu is the "Rosh" the head, as is well known, and Bayis is his wife!).

Yosef Nanach, the star of my first animation movie, also shared an amazing insight he had based on the story from Ancient Times of the Prince and Servant who were swapped, which talks of the country which was called The stupid land with a smart King, then the king died and the country was called, The Smart land with a stupid King, and it had to be restored to the original name. If we understand that the King is an allusion to Saba Yisroel, this can open our minds to understand a little what's going on today!

B"H have a few clips which I will upload as soon as I can get a good connection.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

What really is dough?

What makes this night different from all other nights?

Don't go and tell me that tonight there is light...that was Hannukka.
"this" night it is night, but...

We ONLY eat matsa.

Adam ha rishon who represents bread is A GOY!
Josef ha Tzaddik that gave a unified religion (Egyptian) to the world is represented by wheat.
Rabbi Nachaman that kills the three components of the "stiff neck" of Egypt is best represented by flour as hinted in the gematria of Tora, flour and his name.

Finally, brothers/sisters, we get to the dough!

Dough is just what you think, it is the material from which baked goods and made, it is also English slang for Money/Cash
Cash in Hebrew is hay, and in French slang money is called wheat (ble).

The four Israeli banknotes are illustrated with the four people that made the book EBAY HA NACHAL (four--f l our? think of the 4 musketeers) This is to say that the Israeli Shekel is the dough! Far from burying it, EVERYONE WANTS IT.

One more step and we can change it into matsa or HvS it can bloat into oblivion!

It all depends on how the nation accepts Na Nach and nulolifies themselves to HIS will. I becomes HE ((also)I-talian becomes HE-brew)

For all the Nanach song writers: now offers Yiddish! It appears as the last available language!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


You Hashem Alone

In the prayer of Shemona Esray there is a blessing for the Holy Merciful One God to restore and  bring us back real leaders and advisors, and to remove from us all anxiety and woe <an allusion to the leaders we suffer from today> and for the Holy One Himself to reign upon us quickly "You Hashem Yourself" with kindness and mercy...., "You Hashem Yourself" has the numerical value (with the 3 words) of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman - for only through NaNach can we merit to "You Hashem Yourself"!
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


A Segula for parnasah from R'Mendal from Rabinov, to say Parshas HaMon Shnayim mikra today,Hashem should bless us all with good Parnasa!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tipat Likutei Halachos: Parshas BeShalach - Shabbos Shirah

ליקוטי הלכות: הלכות בציעת הפת, הלכה א:יח

ויבאו מרתה - And they came to Marah (שמות טז:כג): One must know and believe that Hashem yisborach sends bitterness in mercy and throws all of a person's sins to His back.  He doesn't send the sinner bitterness in accordance with what he might deserve, but only what he can handle.  And, this is what happened after the splitting of the Sea of Reeds as it's written, "And they came to Marah, and they couldn't drink the water because it was bitter."  At this place Hashem made a judgement on Israel, and then tested her.  This was such because the whole point of a test given to a person who has started to come close to Hashem - he must first suffer bitterness that is due to him... And therefore, Hashem certainly will not send bitterness in accordance with one's deeds, because He is an aspect of "All the plague that I made in Egypt."  He is only here to heal us with mercy with a little bit of bitterness according to what we can handle, "Because I am Hashem your Healer," and He will certainly heal you appropriately.

It is truly amazing how much Hashem loves us.  Even after we sin He doesn't even consider it completely, and only punishes us a little bit.  This is because of what the tzaddikim do for us as Hashem's consultants (look at LM 22).  It may even be that the punishment is in itself healing.  The ikar is to know that the 'bitterness' isn't really so bitter.  Everything is from Hashem for our benefit, and what at first appears to be bitter should be turned into simcha because of our awareness that Hashem is doing us a kindness through the little bit of suffering. Boruch Hashem.

Yaakov Petro singing Na Na Nach with Yehuda Freudnlich by a Jewish Wedding in Baltimore:


Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

eau d' 10 = Odesser why is this important?

Supposing the Princess is trying to escape the King who had previously captured her and made her prisonner out of [with his-?] "love" (Malach ha Mavet - according to Saba) it makes sense or justifies his decision now to kill her because he "fears" he will be EXTERMANATED (which isn't true since Haman still has HIS day when all the other days are Shabbos) She has to risk entering the "castle of water" which according to Rabbi Nachman is a beautiful novelty, but which according to Saba even has plants, flowers and trees all made out of water.

The name of the Castle of Water is no doubt, Ebay Ha Nachal or Blossoms of Spring authored by Odesser from "le eyney kol- ISRAEL...BER" eau d esser.

From Greek lore we have it too:

L'Illiade et l'eau d' Isse (eng.) Odessy- maritime adventure. (doesn't the Tora start this way?)

Jewish lore:

Lillit (female evil angel of passion)

Lillit and her maritime adventure - which is a story about a world war which resulted from a princess being captured by a jealous prince and the struggle to get her back. (Greco-Persian wars)(have you read the news today?)

I think this ancient legend was spread during the times when the profets were in Israel so it's fair to say this is amounts to the prophecies comming from the 70 nations.

There are a sufficient amount of novelties in this post to justify why the French and Greek understandings of Odesser needed posting.


Starting new is concept of going out of Eygpt. Surrounded by all sides with different hardship... we find at that point the jews "cried to Hashem"...
(L''H parsha)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tipat Likutei Halachos: When Falling is Rising

ליקוטי הלכות: הלכות תפילין, הלכה ה:כב

(Photo courtesy of Ron Finely)

Sometimes, one's falling and descent (in his Avodah) is the purpose of spiritual ascent.  This is such because the whole point of falling spiritually is in order to strengthen and return, and begin anew one's vitality and his mind, because these two things are the essence of one's Avodah.  The whole point is to live a new life of serving Hashem every moment. 

Although it seems counter-intuitive, we sometimes have to fall before we can get up.  It may be that at one moment we find ourselves to be very high, but because of that level we wont be able to climb any higher.  Only when we actually fall can we invigorate and motivate ourselves to push even higher than we were before. 

On the other hand, it may be that what seems to be falling is actually rising.  In Likutei Moharan 25, Rabbeinu elaborates on the idea of levels having two layers.  The inner layer, which radiates what one might interpret as spiritual ascent, and the outer, which could be perceived as descent (think of the outer peel and inner meat and juice of a fruit).  Rabbeinu says that when someone climbs to the next level he must first encounter this outer level, which has the appearance of failure.  But, that is only an appearance, and this person has actually grown, and will soon see the fruits of his struggles.

Hunchback or 5th beggar and peace

Lots are not necessarily a sign of success, you can have lots of ants, or lots of ancient Egyptians (a lower species then grasshoppers for sure since both are only interested in food, but grasshoppers do not lie).

Skipping the first two small that contains alot, the third example is of a nation producing more fruit then it can bear. (I suppose this is Israel)

Suprisingly the garden visited by the noblemen contains even more (ebay ha nachal village).

The secretary that can put the words of all the people into just a few words for the King is on a higher level.

The man that can bear all the hate in silence contains still more.

The small man leading the big blind man contains even more.

The tree of peace (this can only be Rabbi Nachman) contains all the types of animals and they can each find their proper shade in it.

The "reaserchers" that need to enter the tree but wait till everybody is on the level to do so (these are the true Na Nachs)

The Huntchback is Saba and he can do all the things the others can do (the secretary, the small man, the man that bears the hate)

I believe the launching pad could be Ebay Ha Nachal (the garden of the noblemen)

With out this tree, how can there be peace?

So my advice is to connect with SABA to enter the tree

The man who can bring people to the tree (Saba and the book Ebay Ha Nachal)

My First Nanach Animation Movie - Starring Yosef Nanach

also starring a Happy Cartoon Nanach designed by Stephen Nanach!

The sound track is from a Reggea song I made B"H in Uman with SNS Nanach, Dovev (and maybe SC). It is available at the Nanach music site in my folder - "Simcha Nachman" [now's your trance to vote for this song to be put into the new folder "best Nanach hits"]

B"H Nanach is hitting up animation now, anyone who would like to get involved in any way; designing, editing, drawing, producing, brainstorming, or financial support, let me know.

Nanach Chasuna tonight in Nitanya B"H

Mazal Tov to Oshri.
B"H Sharon and crew and myself will be going, after Sheva Brachos of Gil, at Or Akiva.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Benjamin Netanyahu

Not to long ago did a speach about talking to USA about the release of Jonathan Pollard may he be released and brought back to E"Y speadly within are days!
With the Merit of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Tefilah: Let us merit to "judge everyone favorably" & to find the good in people. (L"Tefilot-90)

My son needs your help

My only Jewish son, a five year old is being reconfined to the exclusive control of his mother and step father a anti-nanach "talmid chocham". I will spare you the details but due to motse shem ra the mother who did not want me to attend the bris or give a name to my son and much more is successfully incriminating the State of Israel and possibly the Rabbanut by making them partners in legalizing kidnapping.

In fact all it takes to reverse the situation is for one Na Nach to dance outside the courthouse of Givat Shaul (off kanfe nesharim - beit mishpat hashalom) at 8:30 inthe morning til I come out on the 7th of shvat or 12th of January.

I can brag that I danced for two hours outside the courthouse during the trial of Israel Dagani (solo) and made the call of "no Habeas Corpus" that saved him for a serious emprisonnment and the possible assasination of his family in his absence.

If you are not interested in sweetning the judgement, you are simply missing out on what the secular world would call a billion dollar give away.

In fact my five year old really needs YOUR help.

Wedding of Gil tonight at Pardes Chana

for details call 0527842437

Breaking Down the Wall to Bring in the Carpet

In Likutay Moharan, Tora 25, Rabbainu elaborates on the Talmud (Bichoros 8), where the wise men asked the Tzadik, show us an object that isn't worth the loss that it causes. He brought a carpet and spread it out, and it wouldn't fit through the door. He said bring a hammer and break down the entrance in order to be able to bring in the carpet, this is an object that isn't worth the destruction that it causes.
Well then, there's a palace in Istanbul that did just that, they had to break down a wall in order to bring in the carpet. ( 
 Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Listen to and buy LevYatan music on CD Baby. Download or buy the CD Rising by LevYatan on the independent record store by musicians for musicians.

american tv

theres an american tv station called Shalom tv, ive been trying to contact them because if you contact them an suggest somthing for them to put on there tv channel they say they will.But for some reason my computer wont let me email them this would be a great way to spread Nanach on american tv
they have a website if someone could try and email them and suggest a document about Nanach that would be great.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Books on Nanach.Com

Both books are $12.50 each.
Bechukosi Telechu - In Depth L"M
Torah 1- 4 - Leather Like Cover
In depth commentary on the Likutay Maharan compiled from a number of different sources. This volume includes Tora 1 - 4.
[Hard Cover | 9 3/4 x 7 inches | 25 x 18 cm]
Add to cart
Bechukosi Telechu - In Depth L"M
Torah 5- 6 - Leather Like Cover
In depth commentary on the Likutay Maharan compiled from a number of different sources. This volume includes Tora 5 - 6.

[Hard Cover | 9 3/4 x 7 inches | 25 x 18 cm]
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More options for Likutay Maharan on

n or en in Norwegian means 1

Say AM EN / say "one Nation" who said this? HAMAN! AMEN!

What level did Am Israel reach in Egypt?

We jews had light so we could bury the 800 000 that died each day and see where the Gold was hidden. Problem is, nobody not one soul, had time to help Moses find Josef. Without Josef no one at all would be able to come out of Egypt- so there WAS de-facto a wall of magic preventing exiting Egypt.

What was the code word? Ale Shor! Why? The blessing of Jacob to the descendents of Josef (other then Efraim and Menashe)! Interpretation in Hebrew Ale SHOUR and English "the vines go ever the wall" Ale shour and ale shor are written the same way if you dont look at the points.

Learn from this that those helping to bring Rabbi Nachman to Israel are the ONLY ONES who believe in the gueoula and deserving to come out of Egypt. Furthermore, the 2 400 that died did so because not only did they NOT believe in the gueoula, but they just didn't WANT to leave.

In Egypt there was 100% NO EMOUNA, 80% of which did not even have any WILL to leave.

G-d heard the cry of this miserable mass of slaves and considered it the diamond of the coal mine. Only a tzaddik as humble as Moses could reach down to them.

May G-d speedily open our eyes so we can see the light he and the Tzaddik are dangueling before our eyes faithfully believing we will eventually see.

Egyptiens reached a level beneath grasshoppers

G-d at this point has more love and respect for grasshoppers then for Egyptians, why?

During the hail that killed man, beast and plants, Egypt realized that Jews did not even need to believe or stay indoors and they would be saved. This pleague does not disturb them as much as the grasshoppers who did not actually KILL. You may not believe this but bugs would have this reaction... food is all they care about.

Not one grasshopper was left in Egypt! How is that possible? Well, they were successful, they ate EVERYTHING and with their bellies full a strong wind pushed them over the shallow "sea of reeds" and they could stay airborn long enough to cover a great distance until they could find their next meal. They were bugs interested in food only, but had more wits then the Egyptians and more success.

Hate can really bring a person to a very low level!

Blossoms of the Spring is a MUST download

This is the only original book written by NA NACH. He praises it and says it will play a major role in the redemption.

One very strange fact about this book is that the four people that participated in printing it are on the Israeli Shekel today. The Israeli bank decided to change the people on its bills, but after the fire that ravaged the Haifa forest, they debated again and decided that the receiver of the letters (in Blossoms) will remain on the 200 shekel bill which is reish or rosh (head).

Saba really wants presidents on all the bills he mentions President Shazar, President Ben Zvi and President Hertzog - but their being four bills I hope the fourth president is in fact Moshe Katsav 8th president (the Hannukka president shmo-na nach).

Why bills? Because the economy depends exclusively on the Tzaddik (or bread-Adam/flour-R.Nachman/dough-$$-NA NACH)

Why does SABA want presidents on the bills?

A1: A tikkun of the sin of the spies that caused the death of 600 000 jews at the rate of 15 000 each 9th of AV (over 40 years), thank G-d they were buried which is a sweetning of the original judgement. To avoid this people need to run to Jehoshua or to Caleb and to beg for forgivness and offer to help in any way possible.

A2: Presidents represent tribes or nations (there are 4 that descend from Rachel one of which is supposed to be the leader) and 4 represents the "foundation" like the cup of Rabbi Nachaman or his chair from which the wisdom flows.

All this to understand the reality of Blossoms, not to mention that most of the original real chiddushim on which Na Nach is founded are revealed her. Some like to say that SABA is no chiddush he is only the speaker for Rabbi Nachman, I reject this, but even so, our generation cannot penetrate Rabbi Nachmans truth without Saba and Blossoms.

Reading Blossoms will make Y O U great!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Free Breslov Books for Download

We just put up the following books on the Nanach information site they are available as PDF files and can be downloaded for free. Much thanks to Daniel, Nachman and all the Givat Shaul Nanachs for giving us permission to post the books.

English Books

Sipory Masiyot - Rebbe Nachmans Stories
Blossoms of the Spring - Letters of the Saba to Zalman Shazar

Hebrew Books

Likutay Maharan Part One ( לקוטי מהר"ן חלק א ) - Torah Lessons of Rebbe Nachman
Likutay Maharan Part Two ( לקוטי מהר"ן חלק ב ) - Torah Lessons of Rebbe Nachman
Chayi Maharan ( חיי מהר"ן עם השמטות ) - Full Version of the Life of Rebbe Nachman
Sefer Hamedos ( ספר המידות ) - Book of Attributes
Hishtapchus Hanefesh ( השתפחות הנפש ) - Outpouring of the Sou
Stories, Parables, Dreams ( ספורים משלים וחלמות ) - Stories, Parables and Dreams of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov
Ebay Hanachal ( אבי הנחל ) - Letters of the Saba to Zalman Shazar
Tikkun Chatzot ( תיקון חצות ) - Midnight Lamentations Over the Destruction of Temple  

Books are for personal use only. Any other use must first be approved of by the publishers.

Tipat Likutei Halachos: Individuality and Avodas Hashem

ליקוטי הלכות: הלכות תפילת מנחה, הלכה ז:יד

Even though all the Jews are considered to be like one person, because their roots are in one [source], regardless of that fact every individual Jew has his bounds and contraction within himself when it comes to serving Hashem.  This is such because the knowledge of one person is different than another, and everyone has his own measure within his heart according to his own level, as in the posuk, "Her husband is known in the gates (נודע בשערים בעלה)" - everyone has his own assumptions (משער) about himself in his heart.  Furthermore, everyone serves Hashem according to his good traits: he has this trait, and another has that trait; he is careful in this mitzvah, and another is careful in that mitzvah.  And, even though one must certainly accept the good points of another Jew, one shouldn't overstep his bounds, that is he shouldn't get excited by another Jew's avodah or trait and try to be exactly like him.  Sometimes, a good Jew can overstep his bounds and cause another to fall from his level and change his understanding.  Therefore, one must be cautious, and on that note not overstep his bounds because he may harm his own level, Heaven forbid.  Similarly, he shouldn't destroy the boundaries set between himself and another.  And, this is like the Bais HaMikdash where all the Jews would enter together as one person, and everyone would be able to stand in his space as in, "they stood crowded together, but they could all bow and had space."  They could all stand there together and no one heard the confessions and prayers of another, as Rabbeinu said, because everyone must return to Hashem according to his own level (הלכות תפילת מנחה, הלכה ז:יד). 

It's so important to realize, especially in the frum world (atleast in the States) where this sometimes becomes a problem or really upsets people, that Hashem created every single person with his own talents, abilities, interests, and styles.  Although the Torah wants us to live our lives according to its precepts and to be respectable, I don't think that it demands more than that.  In the frum world people feel so much pressure to be like one another in dress, in how we do the avodah, and in matters of gashmiyus. 

Hashem doesn't want Chezi to be like Yankel or Simcha.  If that were the case he would have made an identical clone of the latter individuals.  Hashem wants us to live our lives on His terms and on our terms.  Another's terms are not included in that.  As long as we stay within the confines of Halacha, Torah, and what's generally accepted by the klal, explore your life! Grow in your own terms and not in another's, because until you know how much potential YOU have, you can never truly know yourself or Kadosh Baruch Hu.  Just as there was space in the Bais HaMikdash for EVERYONE, there is space for you to stretch out and learn about who you are and Hashem's Torah.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Moshiach Oi this worlds nothing

Nanach tour of King David's Tzion

Thank You Reb NaNach for NaNach and for preventing a major accident

check it out, about 1 minute and a half into the video:

Shin Shin Mem

Happy New Years to the Trees

According to Beis Shamai, in the beginning of tractate Rosh Hashana, today, the first of Shevat is the New Years for the trees (this has halachic ramifications as to when and what types of tythes are given). Even though the halacha is not like Beis Shamai, the Mishna assirts their opinion directly stating that the new years is on Rosh Chodesh like the opinion of Beis Shamai, and then proceeds to bring the opinion of Beis Hillel, that it is on the 15th of Shevat.
Every one knows that Rabbi Nachman's whole thing is just the New Years, and also, the Tora likens man to a tree, as it says 'for man is a tree...'.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Na Nach =]

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Purim sameach

Article about Nanach

The other day I posted a link to an article about Nanach, and although it didn't get the attention other articles earned, B"H there was a good response, which led the publisher to post one of the responses (it seems that the responder knew about the article not from us): which gave me the will to finally get involved and leave my own comments, although I'm still not upto correcting and clarifying all the issues (the above response did set alot of things straight B"H, I'm not sure, but I seem to recal that she had some good comments in previous such cases, excelling at keeping the peace and pushing the truth), anyone who's really interested in the truth can draw from many lucrative, insightful, and commanding articles that have been published on and are available at

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Tipat Likutei Halachos: Sparks of Mashiach

ליקוטי הלכות - הלגכות השכמת הבוקר, הלכה א:ח

All the good points that can be found in every single Jew - these points are an aspect of the sparks of Mashiach.  This is such because the whole notion of goodness is Mashiach.  Furthermore, he is a notion of sustaining and building the world, the Bais Hamikdash, the korbanos, and the ketores (incense). 

It is said by Chazal that the Jew is like a microcosm.  Everything that exists in the world can be reflected back to every individual, and as such, every part of creation (ie. the sefiros) can be traced back to man.  If every single Jew has all of the items that Reb Nosson listed within him, then he must realize that his potential is so great and powerful that even he can uplift the shechinah and bring the final geula through his own merit.  Every Jew has this power!  

If only we could realize how much power we really have we could accomplish so so much.  It just takes a little emunah.

Gangster to Jewish

I just herd about this guy Moshe Levy he was a big american rapper who changed his ways and became religious im not sure if hes Breslov but i saw that he was wearing a Breslov kippa he lives in Jerusalem maybe some Nanachs could get in tuch with him if none are not already.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nanach France

ונהר יוצא מעד - A River Flowed Out From Eden

Tipat Likutei Halachos: The Importance of Tmimmus

ליקוטי הלכות - הלכות נטילת ידים - הלכה ג:ה

Only through ingenuousness and simplicity and a perfect and complete faith is one worthy to ascend upwards.  This is an aspect of the mind and wisdom.  And, [through simplicity] one merits to receive from there a great mind that is capable of thinking of original Torah thoughts,  able to reveal Hashem's Kingship, and complete knowledge.

Rabbeinu stressed time and time again the importance of serving Hashem with simplicity.  By 'simple' he doesn't mean poorly or without effort.  When one does things in a sophisticated matter he may forget about the whole reason why he's doing a mitzvah, or he may even come to, chas ve'shalom, un-sound conclusions about the ikar of the mitzvah.  The whole point of doing mitzvos is to accept Hashem's sovereignty.

In Likkutei Eitzos, Reb Nosson points out that (אוצר היראה: תמימות, אות א),

The whole point of accepting the yoke of shamayim is in order to push us to cast off and nullify all our sophistication (written as wisdom), and to only walk (fulfill Torah) with simplicty.  This is because only the holy Torah is the true wisdom, and the rest of the "wisdoms" only serve to nullify Her. 

Every once in awhile it's good for us to be reminded about the necessity of simplicity :)

Monday, January 3, 2011


Saba Yisroel flying on top of a egale

all of the video is for some reason not fitting in the frame but you can watch it on youtube

Nice New Article About NaNach

This article about NaNach was just published and somehow presented to me: It is very interesting because the author states that he doesn't really know first hand about Na Nach and that he drew greatly from online material. The author is open minded and he shows that a person looking for NaNach on the internet can find real quality material (like, and not just garbage articles from the control freak ignorant biased (more adjectives?) editors of Wiki (he also brings up an original perspective on Breslov being a throwback to the Besh"t). Even still the article is fraught with little mistakes and improper comprehension. Anyone who has the strength to go over the article point by point and explain the obvious corrections to the publisher will be doing a big mitzva. B"H in the past followers have done an outstanding job responding to articles about NaNach.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


All time best Nanach songs from

B"H the music site has grown to over 8 GIG of free music (and now a few movies), this can be overwhelming, and people don't know where to even begin, so B"H we are working on a new folder offering some of the best merchandise. If you would like to recomend a song to be added to the folder please let us know in the comments.

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New Nanach Flier

The new Nanach flier ive been working on anyone is welcome to print them and pass them out or if you want to edit it fill free to do so.

Going Nanach By Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai