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Monday, December 13, 2010

Why the walls cave in

Jerusalem is surrounded by many hills and is VERY defensible. Had our men fought defensivly at every hill, the ennemy would have gone on towards Egypt where the real money was. What happened is they found a lovely deserted park and enjoyed the hike...


Abraham and Isaac, unlike Jacob, successfully converted everyone (some came out half half but eventually did tchouva). Jacob insisted on Josef and the other sons didn't give him "life"- a branch without life is "dead wood" Rabbi Nachman explains that dead wood does not produce fruits or students. Josef is a name that means "give me another son". In Egypt Jacob "lived a GOOD 17 years" and this is not exactly the holy land... however, the whole world was comming closer to G-d under the leadership of Josef and Jacob!

Why didn't Pharoe replace his cohens, with the 12 tribes- the tith idea came from Jacob did it not? Did the brothers tell the truth to their father about Josef or did they lie to the "Tzaddik ha Dor"? If the Cohens are going to lie, it's better they be Egyptiens I fully support the decision of Jacob and Josef. Did the Egyptiens not eat with Josef inspite of his being Jewish? This shows that he WAS accepted as a high priest and could create their religion at will. (China in fact inherited four laws when they were saved from famine by one man- not Pharoe)

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