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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Who can come out of a pig-sty smelling like a rose?

No one but na nach:

Jacob got Josef out of Laban's influence as soon as he was born. Benyamin who was still in Rachel's womb is the only one who didn't bow to Esav (a violent man). In spite of it's relevent purity (Mordecai and Shimi shevet Benyamin do not bow to "celebreties") the tribe of Benyamin is caught in the incident of "plegeshet al ha giva" at the end of the book of Joshua involved in a dispicable gang rape and murder the likes of which were a common occurence in Sdom/ Amora. I want to point out that two armies sent by the tribes were wiped out by Benyamin which indicates that the tribes were not really holier, maybe more hypocritical.

I am not bringing this information forward to spread a bad name on the Nation of Israel G-d forbid. It's for you to understand why Saba says "ayn gedolim ve ayn ketanim coulanou chaverim"

Avraham and Israac could go out to the nations and bring them to G-d. Jacob could not! Laban and Esav had overpowered him, his sons were no longer responding properly. The forced retreat from Shchem could have been desastrous beyond repare had the brothers not buried the loot. The brothers went back to Shchem (for the loot) but were not caught by Josef- instead Josef was caught! Rabbi Nachman says thieves cause droughts and false rabbis cause fires. (Piromaniacs are very connected to pgam ha bris just like false rabbis).

AGAIN the message is connect your self to the shem N (oil/ name n) that burs for 8 days Shmo NA (his name is NA) and get above nature (7) with the number 8. This will keep "mein firil vet lien b17 Moshia ved kommen" (on you I said:)my little fire will burn til the comming of the Moshiah-
like the menorah is the name day 1,na day 2,na-ch day 3,na-ch-ma day 4,na-ch-ma-n
These are the four rivers that emerge from paradise (Gan Eden) that will "clean the earth of all contamination.

As concisely as possible: The only way to "know" you are insane (the others are also but don't know it) and to remain faithful to the King (therefore pure) is to put the Na Nach on your forhead! How to survive Egypt as a first born without the blood on the doorposts? Is Am Israel a firstborn son to G-d?

You may ignore this advice, but attaching yourselves to Na Nach is what can save EVERYONE and elevate them to the highest levels, while NOT attaching oneself to the Tzaddik is fatal for EVERYONE even those that are awsome in every aspect (like Jacob, Josef or Benyamin). Putting Na Nach on your head means YOU ARE A CHAVER (friend).

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