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Sunday, December 12, 2010

suggestion for the "nanach music" box/link layout...

i was lookin at the site and when it first comes up, u dont see the "nanach music" box/link for all the music.
u gotta scroll down to find it and its not so easy too see.
so maybe just put the nanach music box where it says "become a nanach contributor" just switch spots.
i think itd be better.
more ppl want the music then to be contributors. itd be good if u can see it right away when the site comes up.
boom - there's the music. instead of having to scroll down to find it, especially if u never been on the site, hard to find.
much better for hafatza and getting the music out there.
anywayz, thats the suggestion to u all,
shavoua tov.
nanach !!!

1 comment:

Tzfat Nanach said...

Done moved it up