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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Shemot and Am "N"

In Bereshit (Ber et "shit")the world was created with 10 sayings (corresponding to the 10 letters and the 10 psalms etc..) what we want is to unite the world. You noticed the word Ber-Od-Esser (not Boe-Derch the good looking road or broad "10") or Israel Ber + 10. The torah ends with le eyne kol Israel, in the eyes of all Israel. Moshe blesses the whole nation with the "good eye". This is the key to the geula as be next word is Ber- from Ber Odesser. If we all see the good point in each other then "machlocket" cannot exist! The good point is precisely the one we carry on our forhead "na Nach" IT is the eigth light causing our faces (7)to be the Menorah which can spread the light of the Tzaddik. Also take it from me, this is the segula against the Ayn Ha Ra (evil eye) mentioned by Rabbi Nachman in Sichot 242 or in the book Na Nach pg 242 (by Saba). The eigth light SHMO NA Na8 (his name is Na Nach(8)) turns the 8 (chet-sin) into Zot Channukka or the full illumination of Channukka.

The book of Shemot (Names for Jews, Exodus for gentiles) mentions no names- not even Miriam or Yocheved are named- tribes are named and nations are named, but here we cease to exist as individuals and private stories are of no interest, it is only THE Nation and its interests which are at stake. Individuals that don't want to leave Egypt die in three days at the rate of 700 000 per day- and women still have time to ask neighbors for gold. Women do not die because, they are not the ones vetoing the Exodus or entering the land (post Napoleon is another story 3 000 000 women die along with the men this time). He is a merciful G-d, so something must be said about going to Israel.

So yes attaching yourself to Na Nach is a big part of being AM "n" the nation of the Noun (fish/tzaddik/50 gates of keddusha-matan torah) noun in Hebrew looks like 1 (one)- so Am noun means "one nation" or "nation united with Keddusha of the Tzaddik). "I am the river that cleans of all stains" - four rivers left the Garden of Eden and they like the Shofar, purify us and can bring us back to the Garden of Eden. This is part of what Na Nach Nachma Nachman in ten letters means.

Wearing the Kippa, you are bringing Am Israel back to uniting with Josef, not as lying slaves, but as awsome holy and entirely devoted brothers. It will finally be "safe" for the world to have us as Cohens, I have no doubt Hashem will not let the opportunity pass. IT IS ALL UP TO US. It is for this reason that the Cohen Ha Gadol had the "name N' placed on his head. Make no mistake everything has been contaminated by the "pollution" which big OIL represents(1). ((1)panacea WE ARE THE HOLY LIGHT the only power that can reverse the TOUMA.

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The villager said...

Forgot the important point that Here G-d mentions his name as YKVK.

However the puncher is that on line 32 32 (heart heart) Moses asks that his name be erased from G-d's book if the nation isn't forgiven and that is precisely where the name Nachman appears between two youds (as opposed to the two n's- in "vayechi binsoa" Vayikra)- read from sefercha then from the Me in the reverse direction. sapercha mi ani Narchmani - "I'll tell you who I am Nachmani."

The whole purpous of prayer is to use words to change our hearts of stone into hearts of flesh- (instead of looking for gold and burying the dead, a person that is asked by Moses to help and find Josef in order to avoid a complete annihilation should at least help the man!)In Egypt, no doubt at all, we HAD HEARTS OF STONE are we so different today?

The best way to "fix your heart" is to say Na Nach- then we can become the nation that unifies and gives life and light to the other nations!