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Monday, December 6, 2010

SABA says that Rabbenu will lift all the nations to the highest level possible!

If you don't believe what you just read look up pg. 118 in the blue Ebay Ha Nachal peh or # 85. Saba is delighted to tears by a letter he just received from President of Israel and Minister of Education Zalman Shazar. He emphasized that there never will or has been any leader as great as Rabbi Nachman who is superior to ALL the leaders of ALL PREVIOUS GENERATIONS (including everyone). Saba goes on to say that Rabbenu will lift EVERYONE to the highest level there is.

Strong words indeed... is it a wonder that people have a hard time accepting this?

I understand that this is hard to accept, but experience has taught me that this is all true. I thought that this was a kind of priviledge for me, that Saba took me out of the mud and started teaching me awsome levels of truth... but no, just like EVERYONE else- he will lift us all up to this level...PROMISE!

This "conquering" of the planet will not require even one bullet to be shot, it will require books to be printed and distributed!

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