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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Saba in France 2 - Brand New Clip


Ramshorn said...

It is so painful for me to see the Saba getting so much Kavod. It is well known and documented how much the saba despised kavod...he said that the hitnagut in tiveria was terrible but it wasn't anything as bad as when they started calling him a Tzadikk. You can also see on the saba's face that he is smiling like saying yeah right in disgust almost, not really acknowledging anything just nodding and smiling...i hear if someone disagrees but that's how it seems to me

NaaNaach said...

B"H it is great to see all the Kuvod - honor given to Saba, because it is acknowledgement to the importance of Rabbainu, and obviously that is why Saba was delighted to see all the attention they were given to Breslov. Saba was just the Shuliach - representative for Rabbainu.

Anonymous said...

He seems to be laughing at all the honor. Did you ever see a different mefursam act the same way.

Did you ever see the mefursamim sitting on the dais table act anything like Saba