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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Music and Movies Available From R' Shlomo

B"H yesterdays I uploaded another half a GIG of R' Shlomo. One movie, B"H many more to come, and Songs and Tora's. This is all available for free at the music site, in the Shlomo Carlbach folders - there's a link to the site on the right side of our site. It has been mentioned that the quality is inferior, and in truth each track must be judged in its own merit, because what is being made available B"H is a collection of privately recorded sessions or events, sometimes those recording did a better job than others, and sometimes the recording was done way back in the days that the average recording tools available weren't up to par with what we are used to today. But B"H, in my opinion, this gives them a special chain/charm, it increases the longing/hishtokekus/kisufim for the holiness we see from afar. In any event they forsure offer a beautiful exposition of melodies and teachings. It might be beneficial to rate the quality of each track, but right now I don't know how to document that info, and also I'm not up to doing it.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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