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Sunday, December 26, 2010

A New Episode in the Adventures of Simcha Nanach

B"H this past Shabos I joined Chaim Nanach, Ace K. and crew at Har Shmuel/ Givat Zev, a new community right across the highway from the mountain Shmuel Hanavi (the prophet) is buried. Before Shabos, Tzvi Levin took a bunch of us to dip in the Maayan (spring) by Shmuel Hanavi, first we picked up a guy named Sparky. As we were driving, I said something, which caused Sparky to realize that I was in the car, and he said that it was like I was invisible, because he hadn't noticed me at all until then. It's a very short drive, so we just squished into the back seat without seatbelts, and I started praying when we encountered a police car facing us as we drove up the mountain. The police didn't pay us any attention, B"H, and Sparky said that this reaffirmed that I was invisible.

We had intended to pray at Shmuel Hanavi, but we learned that the zionist regime closes the gates of Shmuel Hanavi to all Jews on the eve of Shabas and holidays. So we were forced to conduct all the prayers at Har Shmuel. Some guys that had been dipping and visiting the holy tomb gave me directions how to walk from Har Shmuel to the maayan, it involved two paths through the terrain, and I wasn't so thrilled by the prospect of following them in the dark.

Shabos day, at about 3 in the morning, I set out, and even though the instructions weren't exactly the way I had understood them, I managed to get to the maayan without any problem, except that there was a high fence between us. It's not the type of fence that is easy to climb over. The top of one part of the fence was bent over, and I figured that this was caused by people climbing over, this strengthened my resolve that it wouldn't be a big deal to get over the fence. B"H even I was able to get to the top of the fence, where I sat and rested while I figured out how to get down to the other side. As I was sitting there, a guard from somewhere above ran his flashlight along the perimeter of the fence, illuminating it, the light passed over me as well, and I thought that it was over - the guard would be onto me, hopefully he wouldn't be trigger happy C"V, but for sure there would be a comotion and who knows what I would have to endure until they would let me go. B"H no such thing happened, I continued sitting there until I made my grand descent, and did my skinny dipping B"H - the water is the coldest from all the maayanot I've been to - and B"H I made it back over the fence and back to Har Shmuel, uneventful, except for the fact that the guard at Har Shmuel didn't either seem to notice me. It seems that Sparky was right H"Y kept me invisible (see Rashi on Esther 2:21 brought down in the Likutay Halachos we are now doing on the youtube, that sometimes H"Y gives a person a sign of his ability before actually testing him to use it). B"H at the morning services I made the blessing of Hagomail Lichayavim Tovos.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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However, visible for the ones who have sensed your presence.NNNNM!:)