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Friday, December 24, 2010

na nach hafatza in america

Baruch Hashem we've been starting some hafatza in the five towns/far rockaway area of new york.
We've been printing tons of flyers that have been put on hundreds of telephone polls, posted inside of pizza shops, restaurants and other stores, as well as handed out to many passersby.
Many new stickers have gone up in Far Rockaway and five towns as well.
We also recently got a huge shipment of books (both hebrew and english) from eretz yisroel and Baruch Hashem have already
sold and distributed a number of them.
One of our friends who lives in Tzfat was here visiting recently and we did some great hafatza on Central Avenue in Cedarhurst a few times where we set up a table with books, pamphlets, kumayas, kippot, flyers, stickers, and of course loud music. Many people stopped and smiled, danced with us, and occasionally was interested in the books. We were set up close to a local yeshiva high school so many high school kids were around who wanted stickers. We also completely sold out our kippot!
Also many parents with their children passed by and a couple of parents tried to motivate their young children to dance with us!
Baruch Hashem most people seemed to have their spirits lifted upon seeing us.
We also filmed a music video 2 weeks ago for the band Moshiach Oi! which was filmed primarily in Far Rockaway and Cedarhurst and involved spray painting, putting up stickers and flyers, getting random people to say na nach or at least hold large stickers for the camera, and also we set up shop on central avenue with music, books, etc.
B'ezrat Hashem there will be more to come. We plan on heading back out on to central avenue again this Motzei Shabbos to dance, clap and distribute books and stickers. Baruch Hashem we currently have alot of stuff.
Anyone who lives in the area should come out motzei shabbos, we'll be in front of David's Pizza (the owner is an israeli guy who loves na nach, he let us put up stickers in his shop and even let me put up a poster of the petek! I also gave him a kumaya to wear. He often comes outside to exchange chizuk when we set up in front of his pizza shop. He also sometimes plays na nach music inside the shop.)
B'ezrat Hashem more to come soon.
Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!!!!


shimonnachmanshilo said...

Wow, i went to school in the 5 towns, can't even imagine how much Rabbeinu is needed there. chazak v'amatz!NN

NaaNaach said...

B"H GIVALD! Get in touch with Avi Pretter (unless that's your anonymous friend from Tsfas), from what I understand he's in the U.S. now.

Who sent you the books? Is the new outreach back in business?!

B"H this Nanach was also zoche to spread Nanach in Cedarhurst. There's a park there that has a party every Tuesday (if I remember correctly) and every once in a while it is dedicated to a Jewish theme, make you can get into that.

Keep up the amazing hafatza. Sometimes we think things are quiet, nothing happening, afterwards we hear about amazing stuff going on.

The U.S. is getting double medicine, with Aron Patz rocking L.A. with his new commercial.

B"H Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

simcha said...

Books were from

and the mafitz from tzfat was A.Z.