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Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Fire Will Burn Till The Coming of Mushiach

If you want to begin to have a minute appreciation of how awesome the Mushiach will be, when he comes may it be very soon, check out how Rabbi Yishmuel Kohen Gadol in his Pirkey Heychulos (end of chapter 6 beginning of chapter 7) describes King David. B”H the Hebrew site has the whole citation, but I’ll put a few pieces here: crown with the sun, moon, and 12 constellations set into it…. I saw seven lightening bolts shooting as one, the angel told me, seal your eyes so that you aren’t overtaken with trembling when they go out toward David, immediately the Oaphanim and Seruphim and Holy Live Angels and depots of snow and Clouds of Glory and Constellations and stars, and Ministering Angels, and Fierce Residents were stirred up, and said…. And I heard a big commotion coming from Eden saying: God reigns forever and David King of Israel is at the head and all the kings of the House of David after him, and each one his crown on his head, and the crown of David poignant and superb from all the crowns and it’s radiance goes out from one end of the world to the other. ..

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