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Friday, December 24, 2010

more from america

today i was in a local kosher food spot where i was approached by a yeshiva bochur who became very excited upon seeing my na nach kippa and told me that its us (the na nachs) that keep his spirits lifted all the time. He pulled out his phone which had a na nach sticker on it and in his wallet he had a picture of Saba with petek on the back and also a tikkun klali. B"H he also told me that he learns Likutei Moharan every day.
Also a few weeks ago met a yeshiva bochur at a big yeshiva in Far Rockaway who has been coming close to Rebbe Nachman. He told me his whole life has changed since he discovered Rabbeinu. He is a Baal teshuva who told me that Torah was very confusing to him before he found Rabbeinu, but now it is all much clearer. He also told me he has been trying to do hitbodedut.
When I told him stories about Saba (how he found Hishtapchut Hanefesh in the trash, and how he met Rabbi Karduner and became Breslov, etc.) he became very excited. B"H I was able to give him a little english book called The Song Of Redemption which talks at length about the petek and also has many of these stories in it.
B'ezrat Hashem more to come.
Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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