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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hannukka fires burning bright, MEFOURSAMIM!

CHEM "N" only Na Nach. This is the "little fire" that will burn til Moshiah comes. Korach was against Tzit tzit because they are the 248 negative and 365 positive commandments small gematria 14 and 14 or hand of judgement and hand of mercy also single double triple quadruple in 10 words - Na Nach! light the N light, the Nach light, the Nachma light, the Narchman -- hey just like the menorah! Me "n" orah or che me N orah!

No other way out of the flood of dark murkey waters of heresy but the four rivers of wisdome emerging from the garden of the Tzaddik that cleans us of all blemish.

I guess we could go on, but do you get the point?

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