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Sunday, December 26, 2010

hafatza in montreal and salt lake city....

so b'H, there's some good hafatza goin on here and in salt lake.
a butiful yid named d.k from salt lake city got into rabbeinu recently, got info about my nanach shirts on, got in touch with me and i was able to ship him out a few shirts and some pamphlets and nanach stickers i had. he set up a little table and mafitzed everything !!!
i received here in montreal a big shipment of 'you shal be holy's' from asher p. and s rhodes in tsfat and was able to mafitz alot here in mtl (settin up little pushka at the local bagel shop) and thru another special yid, "the mitzvah man", who ponunds the cold streets of mtl everyday puttin tfillin on ppl, givin out books and strengthin jews that are reallly disconected from yidishkeit. he's always askin me for tikkun haklali's to give and bH, he's mafitzed tons of them already !!
i just sent alot of the 'you shall be holy's' to salt lake city along with a couple kamayah's and bezenson books "dear God" to keep spreadin rabbeinu and the shir hageulah and so chazak v'ematz to all who are doin it and keep doin it - every book counts. !!!


nanach oi! said...

amazing. Baruch Hashem great things are happening. keep posting it gives me and everyone else alot of chizuk. na nach!!

Anonymous said...

reading about your hafatza and moshiac oys hafatza gives me strength. it is like cold water on a sleeping soul. please post more.

nissim nanach said...

pls send me contact of d.k in salt lake -- i have a friend there who is breslev and want to put them in touch. my phone 718-570-6765 or email 7beggars @t gmail d0t com
na nach